Helping Brands With Branch Office Setup

A Branch Office provides the benefits of easy service and simple closing. Nonetheless, because exchange control restrictions are rigorous, a Branch May may not be able to provide the optimum framework for a foreign firm's expansion / diversification ambitions without expert assistance. This is where we can help. To receive the greatest services in the country, please contact us. We also offer world-class liaison office services.

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Cost Effective Locations

We ensure cost is low when considering a Business to be operated in our country.

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Business Recognition

Expanding your business internationally can increased brand visibility to lower business risk.

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Better Level Of Control

Activities of a branch office is entirely managed by the parent company.

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Access To Market Service

A new group of prospects result in money, entrepreneurs are happy.

Our Solutions For Our Valued Customers



Model with higher level of control is attractive to foreign enterprises.



Documentation of export import records and managing it.



The approved office has to pay duty, income tax, and other taxes.



All documents should be physically or electronically submitted.



Firstly, all relevant paperwork must be submitted to BIDA.


Bank Account

Next is to create an account with any bank after receiving approval.



Bangladeshi branch offices will required to report to the bank.



Bangladesh's controlling authority is Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.

Why Choose Us

Custom & Dynamic Experience

We are your trusty partner to ensure your legal entity setup services in Bangladesh and will get the best solution of branch office setup.


Cost Effective

Reduce investment cost and office cost.


Save Time

Save time and focus on your passion.


Grow Faster

Put your full focus on growing the business.

How We Help Clients

We assist the parent firm in making the decision to build one or more branch offices, keeping in mind that each business form has its unique advantages.

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Branch Office Formation

Branch Office may have a local source of income from a recognized field of business activity in Bangladesh.

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Registration Process

BIDA personnel will present the application to the Inter-Ministerial Committee after thoroughly scrutinizing all documents.

Managing All Branch Office Requirements For You

In Bangladesh, there is no minimum capital required establishing a branch office. However, for the registration of branch offices in Bangladesh, a minimum of US$ 50,000 inward transfer is required, as this inward remittance must cover the cost of initial establishment as well as six months' operating expenditures.

FAQ For Branch Office Setup

Because the entire process is electronic, the actual registration of a branch office can be completed in a couple of hours. However, depending on the following circumstances, the total process can take anywhere from one to several days.

To register a branch office, you do not need to go to the location. We can collaborate with you via email and document couriering to complete the essential tasks.

A fee of BDT 25,000 is to be paid according to government regulations in Bangladesh.

Branch furniture comes with a ten-year warranty, with some exceptions. Please contact our office for a complete warranty policy. Our representatives will inform you of all pertinent information.

In total, it takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days to open a branch office in Bangladesh.

We’ll pick up old Branch furniture for free if you’re a corporate customer in a Branch service region. We may even give you credit for your future Branch purchase, depending on its condition. Find out more about Branch Flex here, and get in touch with us to arrange a pickup.

Process Of Setting Up A Dynamic Branch Office