Privacy Policy

Host Bangla (“we,” “our,” or “us”) is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. This Privacy Policy covers how Host Bangla collects, uses, and discloses your personal information. Our site,, and its connected subdomains are covered by this Privacy Policy (collectively, our “Service”). By using our Service, you consent to the acquisition, retention, usage, and dissemination of your private information as indicated inside this Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

When you visit our site, place a purchase, register to our newsletter, fill out a form, we collect information about you.

  1. Contact numbers
  2. Mail addresses
  3. Postal addresses
  4. Job credentials
  5. Invoice addresses
  6. Bank card numbers
  7. Age

How Do We Use The Information We Collect?

Any data you provide to us could be used from one of the following methods:

  1. Improve customer service (your data allows us to respond more adequately to your customer queries and support needs)
  2. Process transactions
  3. Conduct a competition, campaign, questionnaire, or other site feature
  4. Send emails within a time cycle

When customer information is used from third parties?

When you contact us, we acquire some information from other sources. When you provide your email address to us to express interest for becoming a client, for example, we obtain information from a third party that supplies us with automatic fraud detection services. We also obtain information which is shared publicly on social networks on occasion. By accessing these sites and updating your privacy settings, you can manage how much of your data is made public on social media networks.

Do we share any information?

We may share both personal and non-personal information collected with third parties such as sponsors, sweepstakes organizers, branding and marketing partners, and others that offer our information or whose services we believe may be of interest to you. We may also share it with our existing and future connected firms and business partners, and we may disclose or distribute your private information to our predecessors if we are engaged in a liquidation, eventual sale, or other corporate restructuring.

We may use trusted third-party service suppliers to carry out a particular function as well as provide services to us, such as hosting and retaining our servers and service, data management, e-mail management, brand management, payment processing, customer support, and serving customers for services available on our platform. We will very certainly disclose personal information, as well as maybe some non-personal data, with these third parties in order for them to provide these services to us and to you.

Parts of our log file data, including IP addresses, may be shared with third parties for analytics reasons, such as web traffic providers, app developers, and advertisements. If your IP address is public, it could be used to estimate your geographical location, whether you used the service in a specific position, and the sort of device you used to access it. They may compile data on our adverts and what you view on the service, then provide audits, analysis, and report to us and our marketers.

We also may reveal private or non-private information about you to appropriate law enforcement authorities or private events as we, in our absolute discretion, believe appropriate to respond to claims, judicial procedure (including subpoenas), to defend our rights and preferences or those of a third party, the public’s safety, or to prevent any unauthorized, immoral, or sanctionable action, or to otherwise comply with legal requirements.

Could my information be transferred to other countries?

We are a Bangladeshi company. Data obtained through our website, through direct interactions with you, or through the use of our support and advice services could be forwarded from time to time to our headquarters or staff, or to third parties, located around the world, and regarded and featured anywhere in the world, along with nations that may not have laws regulating the use and transfer of such information. By using any of the above, you willingly agree to the cross-border transmission and hosting of such material to the fullest extent permitted by relevant law.

Is the information collected through our service secure?

We take steps to ensure the safety of your personal information. To assist safeguard, avoid illegal access, manage data protection, and appropriately use your information, we have technical, digital, and administrative measures in place. However, neither humans nor security measures, including encryption technologies, are impregnable. People can also commit deliberate crimes, make blunders, or refuse to follow policies. As a result, while we make sensible action to preserve your personal information, we cannot promise its absolute security. If we do owe you a non-disclosure obligation to protect your private information, you acknowledge that deliberate misbehavior will be the yardstick by which we assess our compliance.

Can I update or correct my information?

Depending on your connection with us, you may have the right to seek modifications or adjustments to the data we gather. Employees can amend or delete their information in accordance with our company’s internal employment standards. Service users have the right to demand that only certain activities and exposures of personal details be restricted, as described below. You can contact us to (1) update or correct your private data, (2) change your preferences for correspondence and other relevant data you receive from us, or (3) cancel your account to delete the personal information we have on file about you (subject to various paragraph). You should be aware that erasing every trace of the data you have submitted to us from our system is not technologically possible. Because we must back up our systems to prevent data loss, a version of your data may persist in a non-erasable format that will be hard or impossible for us to discover. All personal information held in databases we actively utilize, as well as other readily searchable media, will be updated, corrected, modified, or deleted, as necessary, as soon as and to the extent practically and technically practicable, upon receipt of your request. If you are a user and would like to update, delete, or get any information we hold about you, please contact us.


We gather information that you willingly disclose to us if you are one of our employees or candidates. We use the data we receive for HR purposes, such as administering benefits to employees and screening applicants. You can contact us to (1) update or amend your information, (2) modify your preferences for higher response and other information from us, or (3) obtain a copy of the information we hold on you. Other information that we store, or information that we have supplied to third parties in line with this Privacy Policy prior to certain upgrade, corrections, modification, or removal, will be unaffected by such updates, corrections, changes, or deletions.

Sale of Business

We reserve the right to disclose information to a third party in the occasion of a purchase, acquisition, or other transfer of all or considerably all of the resources of us or any of our Commercial Associates, or that fraction of us to which the Service corresponds, or in the event that we cease operations or file or have submitted against us a plea in insolvency, restructuring, or equivalent steps, provided that the information is kept confidential.


Our Corporate Affiliates may get data about you. “Corporate Affiliate” means any person or entity that controls, is controlled by, or under reasonable conditions with us, whether by ownership or otherwise, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. Any information about you that we transmit to our Corporate Affiliates will be managed in line with the rules of this Privacy Policy by such Corporate Affiliates.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We only keep your information for as long as we need it to deliver you with service and to accomplish the goals outlined in this policy. This also applies to anybody with whom we disclose your information or who performs services for the company. If we no longer need to use your information and keep it to meet our related to regulatory obligations, we’ll either delete it or disempower it so that we can’t identify you.

Governing Law

This Contract and your utilization our service will be governed by Bangladeshi law, excluding its conflict of laws regulations. Other municipal, regional, or international laws may apply to your use of our service.

Your Consent

You agree to this Privacy Policy by using our site, or taking our service.

Children Privacy

We do not communicate with someone under the age of 13. Please notify Us if you are a legal guardian and are aware that your kid has given us Private Information. If we learn that we have obtained Personal Information from anybody under the age of 13 lacking parental agreement, we will take steps to erase the data from our servers.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

If we decide to amend our privacy policy, we will amend the Privacy Policy Revision Date below and/or publicize the changes on this page.

Third-Party Services

Third-party information (including data information, applications, and other products and services) may be shown, included, or made available, and we may offer connections to third-party sites or services (“Third-Party Services”). We will not be liable for any Third-Party Services, including their reliability, accuracy, punctuality, authenticity, trademark compliance, legitimacy, integrity, performance, or any other aspect.  We do not assume and do not have any responsibility or liability for any Third-Party Services to you or other person or organization. Third-Party Services and links to them are provided purely for your convenience, and you access and use them at your own discretion and subject to the terms and conditions of such third parties.

The Rights of Individual Data Subjects – Accessing Data, Accessibility, and Removal

We are dedicated to assisting our customers in complying with GDPR’s data subject rights regulations. All personal data is processed or stored by providers who have been thoroughly vetted and are DPA compliant. If you no longer require our services, we save all interaction and private details for up to 6 years. In that event, we shall get rid of all information in conjunction with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, but only for a period of 60 days. We’ve always been self-service and have always provided you access to this information and that of your customers. Our customer service team is here to assist you with any questions you may have about using the API.

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