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HostBangla Audit and Assurance Team is led by Chartered Accountants and Certified Professional Accountants who deliver services ranging from independent external audits to internal process of financial auditing. Host Bangla is a business consulting firm that offers audit and assurance services to its clients.

  • An experienced staff and a licensed chartered accountant conduct our audit services.
  • We provide professional services for any financial auditing and assurance services that are dependable.
  • When it comes to independent audit and assurance services, our expertise is dependable and completely trustworthy.
  • It offers a high-quality, international-standard service that focuses on the client's needs and satisfaction.
  • We offer a full range of audit and assurance services to improve financial efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with regulations..
  • It also ensures that our expertise accurately uses all internal financial auditing data and information

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As an Audit Firm, we excel in risk management, compliance, and client acceptance. Intelligent solutions to help navigate the complexities of doing international business.


Audit and Assurance

We provide HostBangla, Audit and Assurance services to ensure that it is appropriate and social in all sectors.


Basic Standards

The main thing we believe in our firm is that we should follow the basic standards of audit assurance and act.


Chartered Accountant

we have the expertise of a certified chartered accountant on staff whom follow all governmental rules.


Create Value

Internal auditing's main goal is to ensure that an organization's operations add value and improve.


Consistent Service

We work as quickly as the client requires and believe in transparency when delivering services to clients.



Internal auditing activities are completely self-contained and contributes to the financial reports.

Grow Your Business With Us - Internal, External, Or Statutory Financial Auditing

Internal audit procedures vary by department. For example, it is necessary every day in the manufacturing process, but just once a year in the human resources division. HostBangla Transaction matching, physical inventory count, and audit reconciliation are all part of internal auditing procedures that follow government rules and regulations.

  • An Internal Auditor's primary responsibility is to report directly to the financial auditing committee of the organization they are auditing.
  • The administration of an organization's operations and risk management are typically its exclusive responsibilities, despite its independence from other departments.
  • An active chartered accountant conducts an external audit to assess the operations and financial standing of a business for stakeholders outside the organization.
  • The process of performing the annual statutory audit of the company's financial accounts, as well as providing opinions on whether they are an impartial and fair reflection of the company's financial position, are all important aspects of an external statutory audit.

Run Your Financial Auditing Services Smoothly With Us

Credit audits are performed for a variety of reasons, including improving credit quality. For a variety of reasons, including the cash costs of poor credit quality, credit quality is extremely important to bank shareholders. The credit audit department should ideally be run from outside the bank’s normal chain of command to increase independence and obtain a fair view from audit.

The sole purpose of a performing financial auditing is to determine whether an entity’s programs or functions are operating as intended to meet the stated goals of its shareholders/directors. An audit’s specific objectives can include a program’s effectiveness, economy, and efficiency, as well as compliance with legal requirements.

Risk management audits identify existing risks in the organization by vetting documents and records and recommending risk mitigation strategies. In terms of risk management, internal control, and financial reporting, we ensure that the interests of the shareholders are properly protected.

Manage Your Risk with Us

Internal audit is a consultation process that assesses the efficacy of risk management, control, and governance procedures. It revolves around the merits of various businesses and accounting activities. Our internal auditors are qualified to act as a catalyst for improving our client’s organizational governance and risk management by analyzing and assessing data and business processes. The following 3 are the goals of our internal control role:

1. Operational effectiveness and efficiency.
2. Financial and management reporting accuracy.
3. Adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

Offering Most Reliable & Affordable Financial Auditing Services


Auditing For Compliance

We assist our clients in auditing compliance issues. In any case, if a business fails to follow the guidelines, laws, and regulations in Bangladesh, there is a high risk of receiving severe regulatory penalties in Bangladesh.


Auditing Fund For Workers

Companies typically contribute a certain percentage of their year-end profit to a fund, which is then distributed among their employees. According to Bangladeshi law, WPPF funds must be audited on a yearly basis in order to receive Income Tax benefits.

You Can Trust Us For Auditing Services Keeping Your Eyes Closed

By entrusting us with your auditing needs, you can benefit from our organizational independence, which allows us to evaluate our clients' operations without being influenced by management. Our reports and advice are unbiased and strictly aligned to the growth of our clients' businesses.

FAQs On Auditing Services In Bangladesh

The SEC expressly states that an auditor while performing financial auditing is not required to provide:

  1. Bookkeeping.
  2. Design and implementation of financial information systems
  3. Services such as appraisals, valuations, and fairness opinions, as well as contribution-in-kind reports.
  4. Providers of actuarial services.
  5. Outsourced internal auditing services.
  6. Human resources or management functions.

Client companies that the accounting firm does not financial auditing may receive legal services. Importantly, despite the fact that tax structuring, advising, and compliance services are closely related to legal work, they are acceptable to audit clients.

The provision of advisory services is permitted. Although auditors are not allowed to take responsibility for an attest client’s financial auditing statements, they can provide some assistance.

It’s not uncommon for the auditor to make suggestions about the financial auditing statements’ form and content, or even to assist management by drafting them, in whole or in part, based on information provided by management.

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