HostBangla is No.#1 in Virtual Reception & Call Answering Services

We at HostBangla offer the best virtual phone services in Bangladesh. Consider how crucial it is for your company's success to present the appropriate image. Customers want to know that they'll be working with a company that can match their requirements. Your firm will appear less professional if your virtual phone service is inefficient or obsolete, and you will be unable to deliver the best possible service to your consumers.

Our 3 Smart And Qualified Phone Call Services


1. Productivity Tools

Call recording, call distribution, voicemail to text, internal messaging, and other similar tools can assist staff in being more productive and providing better customer service.


2. Customer Service

Several internet review to make sure each company had positive customer services rating. During investigation, we integrated this with personal experience.


3. Integrations

CRM, messaging, live chat, help desk, and other software integrations can help you gain a better knowledge of your customers and boost employee productivity.

Providers of Virtual Phone Services

Get a Dedicated Virtual Receptionist To Answering Your Business Calls

We moved out of the basement and grew our corporate office in Bangladesh to serve businesses of all sizes all over the country thanks to a commitment to exceptional customer service and auto attendant phone systems with multiple extensions, call routing, and voicemail to email — and we look forward to helping your business do the same with our virtual phone service.

When you use our corporate messaging services, you'll get the following benefits:

  • There are no long-term obligations or contracts.
  • Friendly, customized service every time.
  • There's no need to wait for long periods of time.

Get The Following 4 Perfect Phone Call Service From HostBangla

Think about how vital it is for the success of your company to present the right things. It's important for customers to work with a company that meets their requirements.

1. Phone Number

In personal account, order a phone number. If you wish to create a second Gmail account, such as go to the cabinet, select the country, then the Google site.

3. Text From the Website

You only need to copy the confirmation code from the SMS message and use it to complete your account activation.Then you will get the text.

2. Text Messages

It can be used to receive text messages.To receive an SMS containing the registration code, copy the issued number and enter it into the Google form.

4. Voicemail

A voicemail to email will sent a sound file of your voicemails, allowing to listen on your pc or phone. Voicemail transcription helps you to read messages.

What Customer Saying About Our Virtual Phone Services

  For nearly two years, my organization has used HostBangla's virtual phone service. Their phone service is dependable and professional, and it has assisted us in managing an ever-increasing volume of calls. We call customer service whenever we need anything, whether it's modifications to our messages or how calls are routed, and their phone service always provides us with 5-star service and support. Keep doing what you're doing!

Call Answering with Local Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers are available in a variety of nations, although not all. This is due to local rules in some countries forbidding the linking of phone numbers to the Internet. This is mainly due to governments seeking to protect the virtual phone providers' income.


FAQ For Virtual Phone Services

If you have a virtual phone number, you can use an app to answer incoming calls over the Internet. Incoming calls can also be forwarded to any mobile or landline number in the world. Virtual phone numbers can be called from anywhere in the world.

A virtual phone system frees you from the constraints of costly hardware. No matter how big or small your company is, you can design your internet phone number to match your needs perfectly. Toll-free and local numbers, call routing, voicemail, and conferencing are all included in our popular phone services.

There’s no need for upkeep or learning new software; all you need is a virtual phone service that helps you achieve your company objectives.

You’ll need a virtual phone number for your business once you’ve signed up with us. This will be the primary business phone number that will be utilized in all situations. You can choose between a local and a toll-free number.

Call Answering Service

Message Direct Can Handle All Incoming Calls From Your Virtual Landline.