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Greetings, and welcome to HostBangla! We are a website where you may search for short term rentals in Bangladesh. We specialize in furnished short-term rentals, sublets, 12-month rentals, and shares. For tenants, agents, and landlords, we are a transparent marketplace. You can obtain free rent for both furnished and unfurnished flats! To acquire our rental list, please contact us. Receive an email every week with the most recent furnished short-term rentals.

  • Fully filled out application license.
  • Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs.
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Warranty for the rental.

We Are Ready With Your Short -Term Rental Place

With us you may find any type of apartment for rent, including short-term rentals, sublets, rooms for rent, shares, and, of course, leasebreaks. You can rely on our professionals to supply the ideal rental locations. Now is the time to speak with our specialists.

6 Exclusive Services For A Short Term Rentals

The first half of our inventory consists of short-term rentals furnished apartments for rent directly from the landlord or agency, while the second half consists of tenants who are breaking their leases or sublets. The majority of the rentals are free.


Reduce Cost

In comparison to hotels, short-term rentals are more affordable while yet providing all the amenities they do. You can save money while on vacation in many different ways with the help of short-term rentals.



You may feel secure knowing that if the landlord cancels, you'll receive a full refund because we've put anti-fraud procedures in place to protect your experience. On our platform, all of your payments are secure.


Simple Reservations

Before making any reservations, you have the right to complete knowledge. Check out a listing's most recent features, availability, images, videos, floor plans, and translated descriptions.


Pay to Keep

You'll get a confirmation email right away, which you can use as residency documentation for any visa or resident permit applications you might need to submit. Online reservations are straightforward.


Specialist Maintenance

The residence you reside in is up for maintenance by us. We guarantee a healthy and clean room during your stay thanks to our skilled maintenance services and facility managers.


Happy Vacationing

Our short-term rentals come equipped with everything you could possibly need in a vacation home. You shouldn't focus on anything other than enjoying your vacation while you are on vacation.

Short -Term & Long -Term Accommodation Rentals

Short-Term Accommodation In Serviced Apartment.

We are a leading virtual office services provider in Bangladesh.  have in-house certified and experienced real estate experts to help you. Let the experts do their best job while you get the perfect results.



You have the option of renting for a day, week or month. You have complete freedom to rent as much or as little as you choose.


Tax Breaks

Short-term rental owners get the best home-related tax advantages. Make sure you're familiar with your state's tax rules.


Better Than Hotels.

Short Term Rentals are ideal for families since they provide more privacy and space than standard hotels.

Schedule Appointment

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Get Prepared To Live Totally In Our Fully Furnished Short Term Accommodation

One of the most trying things you can do is move from one office to another. The time it takes for your staff to acclimate and resume full productivity is one of the biggest drawbacks of switching offices. Renting a short-term room is advantageous in this particular situation. We handle the labor-intensive tasks of arranging the furniture, setting up the technology, and embellishing the room. Additionally, make sure BanglaMart's utilities are all up and running. The only thing left to do is to report to work the following morning with your crew.

Benefits Of Owning Short-Term Rentals

Top 3 Benefits Of Owning Short-Term Rentals

Over 25 years working in Rental services providing the perfect rental places for for clients all over Bangladesh. We also offer best in class coworking space in Bangladesh.


Earning Potential

Se your own rates as a property owner.


Social Benefits

Get to know different people and culture.


No Wear & Tear

No fixing needed. Maintenance cost reduction.

Rent Fully-Furnished Short-Term Rentals With Kitchen In Bangladesh.

Short-term rentals, sometimes known as vacation rentals, have grown in popularity in recent years. When a property owner rents out a completely equipped residence for a short period of time, it is referred to as a short term rental property. With our service, these properties can be hired for anywhere from a few days to a few months.

FAQs For Short-Term Rental

Short time rentals are defined as a stay of fewer than ninety (90) days or three (3) calendar months in a residential unit of any type. Airbnb and other vacation or short-term rentals.

You must be a long-term resident of the apartment you want to rent. You must spend at least 275 nights per year in the unit where you host short-term rentals to be considered a permanent resident.

Short-term rentals are not permitted in certain types of properties. If you’re not sure how your property is categorized, please contact us.

Both yes and no. There are no assurances in this world. However, we’ve never experienced anything more than minor issues. This is due to the fact that we make an effort to get to know the people we rent to.

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