Gain More Money From Your Unused Workspace

Let's Know About Our Business Concept

We are utilizing a business model that connects customers with householders and experience providers through a two-sided marketplace of vacant and unused workspace. However, the homeowners have no responsibility following the agreement. Given the fact that experienced service providers will handle everything, homeowners will simply receive their revenues by doing nothing. So, if you have unused workspace or apartments in Dhaka city, you can rent them to us and make profit. Come on don’t be late, let’s make a deal!

unused workspace

Where We Like To Find Unused Workspace

In the city of Dhaka, there are numerous prominent locations. On the other hand, we decided on 4 places depending on client demand. We are seeking for empty apartments or underused workspace in certain places because of this. let’s find out why these places are the most popular.

Gulshan Workspace


Most residents of Gulshan now work in creative areas instead of regular offices. Our goal is to fulfill their requirements while making money in the process.

Motijheel Workspace


Independent contractors, freelancers, and business owners all have their own regions in Bashundhara. They will have access to a top-notch workspace from us.

Uttara co-working space


We’re seeking for an unused workspace in Uttara. Many independent entrepreneurs could use our locations to run their businesses.

Mohammadpur Office Space


Banani is among the busiest commercial areas in Dhaka. If we work together, we can offer our customers a pleasant, safe, and successful working environment.

Benefits Do You Get For Renting Out Your Unused Workspace To Us

There are many benefits for renting out your unused workspace to us. Some of them are given below:

1. Higher Revenue: By partnering with us and renting us your empty apartments or disused workplace, you might generate more revenue from us than you would from a normal rental strategy.

2. Ensure Safety: If you allow us to rent your home because it is our responsibility to ensure its safety. Every security measure will be ensured by us and we’ll monitor everything 24/7.

3. Zero Maintenance: We’ll make the needed changes after you provide us the unused workspace. Starting today and we will keep everything up to date until the contract expires.

Have Any Questions?


Absolutely not, we are the owners and managers of each and every one of our properties in Dhaka, which together constitute more than 1 million square feet of office properties.

Yes, we offer customer service around-the-clock.

We have two choices. Short-term renting is one option, long-term rental is another. thus, it varies.

Absolutely not; our agreement contains no secret clauses or conditions.

Worried about your unused workspace? Let us rent out your property and earn more than conventional rental methods.