Shared Serviced workspaces

Shared Serviced Workspaces Can Create A Professional Environment

Shared serviced workspaces, business centers, shared working spaces, and other terms will be encountered if you are unfamiliar with the language used in the commercial rental industry.

However, this innovative working alternative can help your business avoid the cost, effort, and worry of acquiring and maintaining its own space, whether it's to accommodate a small number of new hires, a complete team, or the entire operation.

Since the idea of a shared service workspaces go beyond the actual area where various people gather to incorporate a community built on trust, shared beliefs, and the benefits of working with other similar professionals.

  • Availability to desirable business locations
  • Flexible terms for rent
  • No worries with maintenance
  • Available administrative assistance

A Shared Serviced Workspace Can Grow Your Profit

Business practices are evolving today, including the locations where people work. Moreover, shared serviced spaces are actually swiftly emerging as a viable choice for enterprises of all stripes. When it comes to employing shared rent office space, many companies are still cautious.

Provided Facilities:

Shared serviced spaces are affordable for many different sorts of businesses  that they typically offer additional services in their all-inclusive payment packages. Moreover, in a shared office setting, various services are typically offered:

  • Office supplies, like as printers and the technology required for virtual meetings, are frequently offered.
  • No need to pay for office cleaning, repairs, etc. Office maintenance.
  • Meeting areas.
  • Services are included.
  • 24-hour on-site security.
  • Full-time receptionist.
  • Also, office equipment.

Cost-efficient service:

When it comes to expansion or the requirement for less space, shared serviced spaces offer flexibility. Although they also provide adaptability in the following ways:

  • Flexible payment methods: Some spaces provide flexible payment methods, such as paying on a month-to-month basis.
  • Flexible contract: You are not obligated to a standard office lease if you only require the space for a short term rental period of time or must travel for some time. As an alternative, you only pay for the space as needed.
  • Monthly payments that include everything and only pay for the area you use.

Your Preferred Workspace for Better Productivity

The idea of a shared work environment is also the foundation of shared office spaces, which is somewhat distinct from co-working. Additionally, they provide members with access to private, furnished offices, professional, fully-equipped meeting rooms, a range of business services, and the support of a committed workforce.


Tech-friendly service

Access to enterprise-class technology that was developed specifically to support corporate operations.



Shared office space providers incorporate solutions to manage these security issues, from asset protection.


Diverse culture

Have incredibly diverse skill sets, which enable various work groups to gain from one another's expertise.

Benefits To Rent A Shared Serviced Workspace

A Shared Serviced Workspace Can Enhance The Work Environment

An office that is typically accessible by multiple private offices is known as a shared workspace. Some are membership-based, and they grant access to public spaces (reception, lounge etc). Moreover, SMEs, startup companies, and freelancers can take advantage of basic office amenities while paying less than they would for a private office by using a shared office space.


Cost saving

With a single monthly fee, shared serviced spaces get all benefits and don't have to worry about maintenance.


Higher productivity

They are designed to accommodate by offering various settings, a selection of desks, and conference spaces to accommodate all employees.


Market growth

It is more affordable, it can be quickly and easily established in new places and markets. Without reducing ROI, you can grow your business.

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    More Benefits To Rent Our Serviced Office

    It is useful to use modern office spaces effectively due to you are aware of the term distinctions between each type of space. So that, understanding your space requirements will make it simple to find the best solution and also appreciate the advantages of shared office space.



    Give freedom to come and go from the office at their desired time.


    Increased creativity

    It's good for your mind to switch around your workspace, and brainstorming that help you be more creative.



    You can get new clients or business partners through Networking events.

    Rent Fully-Equipped Shared Serviced Workspaces In The Heart of Dhaka

    In order to reduce costs, expand into new markets, and improve flexibility, more firms than ever are turning to this flexible method of working, which is driving up demand for shared services workspaces and shared offices. Additionally, shared offices are not just for business owners or independent contractors. The truth is that even multinational organizations are starting to see the benefits of open workspaces.


    Host Bangla can find you a custom office solution, no matter what size you need. With the help of our vast database, we are also able to provide you with first-rate locations in a convenient location for as little as one desk for a month or a whole floor for your company.

    From the first day of your search, through the negotiation process, and all the way up to the day of your move, our skilled advisers will be there due to offer full, unrestricted support. You can contact our experienced consultant by calling or using the online form, and they will help you narrow down the options to the business centers that best meet your needs.

    Since a serviced office is a pre-constructed, usable workspace. However, these office spaces provide all of the equipment and furniture required for an office, including phone, fax, internet, and also all secretarial services. With serviced offices, you have access to the building’s various amenities, including conference and meeting rooms, kitchens, and a communal front desk.

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    Rent our shared serviced workspace

    By renting our shared serviced workspace, you can avoid stressing excessively about lost productivity. Your team and company may continue doing what they do best by offering the best good or service to their clients. Everything without the distractions that lower productivity.

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