We Are The Most Profitable Property Rental Hosting Service Provider

  • We Offer Zero Maintenance Fees For Your Properties

At HostBangla, we handle the entire process of hosting your property rental. That means we are liable for all repair and maintenance expenses. In addition, we have in-house housekeeping teams to keep the environment clean and sanitary. In addition, we renovate your proeprties. Not only that, but after each checkout, we prepare your home for the next set of guests, saving you money on maintenance costs.

  • Increase Your Rental Income

HostBangla provides the most beneficial property rental plans for your real estate. Think outside the box and begin planning your finances with the extra income you will receive from renting out your property. We broke down the barriers of conventional property rental and created a more automated and intelligent system for managing bookings for the property you are hosting. Begin earning money with us today.

Co-Working Space

Enjoy The Benefits Of Property Rental As An House Owner

In everything we do, we are quick and dependable. Our property rental service is of the highest caliber. Our properties allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation as if you were at home.

Gulshan Workspace

Incredible Flexibility

Get more time to spend to activities that are important to you if you list your apartment for property rental on HostBangla.

Motijheel Workspace

Financial Difference

People frequently understate the prices they are willing to pay for renting one or more rooms in someone else’s property.

Dhanmondi Co WorkingSpace

Use Spare Space

Make use of any unused space in your apartment, such as one or two unused rooms, and rent them out.

Uttara co-working space

New Business Contacts

Nothing beats a good conversation with someone over a nice meal or drink in your residence to make a business connection.

Mohammadpur Office Space

Mortgage Paid

Listing one of your spare rooms on HostBangla can be hugely profitable, saving you enough money to pay off your mortgage.

Bashundhara Office Space

Cleaning Time Saved

When it comes to maintaining the rented property, cleaning is far better and faster to servicing a whole condo.

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FAQs For Property Rental Services

A host has 14 days to review a guest; neither party can read the other’s review until both have posted or the 14-day period has expired.

A HostBangla host is a business owner who requires professional insurance. The only way to cover all of your risks and obtain comprehensive host insurance is to purchase homeowner’s, landlord’s, and business insurance.

When guests leave a review after their trip, it will appear on the listing page as well as the listing admin’s profile page. The listing administrator’s Superhost status will also be affected by the star ratings.

A host can file a claim against the security deposit if an item goes missing. HostBangla will request that the host communicate with the guest directly. If the guest accepts responsibility, the deposit is transferred to the host to cover the lost item. If not, HostBangla makes the decision.

What Makes Us Different On Property Rental Services?

Looking For Hosting Your Property?

  • We're Available 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
  • Rent Your Property To Potential Clients
  • Live Booking System For Owners
  • A Well-Trained Housekeeping Staff
  • Access to 40+ Locations in the Country
  • Rent Out Any Type Of Residences

Bangladesh Hosting Property Rental Service

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