Serviced Office Space, Private Cabins And Coworking desk

Coworking Office Space in Dhanmondi HostBangla the coworking spaces at BD are design to encourage collaboration. Accordingly choose your ideal Dhaka location and collaborate with like-minded people in our shared office space. Reserve a dedicated desk or also drop in and hot-desk to expand your company's horizons.

Serviced Office Space, Private Cabins And Coworking desk

HostBangla provides this community of highly motivate individuals with productive, safe, and significant work space in Dhanmondi. This coworking space is well-equip with overall amenities need to run a business efficiently and sustainably. Our primary goal is to create a well-functioning and as well as service environment so that users can concentrate on their core tasks rather than be distract by office management issues. The interior is design to look like a professional office space, complete with all of the necessary amenities. You can even schedule a trial session to see if it is right for you.


Pioneering co-working space is located in the heart of Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Membership is require to use the coworking facilities at HostBangla. At the same time you have the option of selecting either the basic or premium package. The basic package costs 5000 BDT, while the premium package costs up to 9000 BDT or more. Each package has its own set of features, although which you can select based on your budget and needs. You have six days a week access to the office. For up-and-coming startups that require regular brainstorming and also office work on a tight budget, HostBangla is a great option. By calling us, you can learn more about our membership process.

Office Space and Workspace Solutions

Unique Coworking Space Designs For You

Work Environment

Work Environment

Decide the work environment whether to work in an open-plan environment or in a shared office.

coworking space Lounge

Business Lounge

Gain access to the HostBangla world-class and also premium business lounge network easily.

coworking space Desk Reservation

Desk Reservation

You can also reserve a desk by the hour, day, or month, according to your demand

coworking space Location

Preferred Location

Correspondingly, you can choose to work from a hot desk in a location of your choice.

coworking space Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

We can reserve a dedicated desk especially for you in your convenient time

Complimentary Space


You would have access to a additionally airport lounge with Special pass

Overall our workspaces are home to a diverse range of companies. Through our variety of networking events, you can network with like-minded people and also collaborate with other businesses. Join a vibrant, global community of 2.5 million professionals and also expand your business opportunities.

All of the details are take care of in our fully service coworking spaces, and an experience on-site team surely that everything runs smoothly. You can earlier walk in and start working while we take care of the rest.

Our meeting rooms are located in every major city overall the country, allowing you to host meetings wherever you need them. In our fully-serviced meeting spaces, impress clients, hold memorable workshops, or deliver a winning pitch. Especially our dedicated team will be on hand to ensure your meeting runs smoothly if you book on-demand by the hour.

Part of the reason why HostBangla Coworking clients seem to enjoy our spaces is the combination of as well as design work environment and a well-organize work experience. Our clients benefit from coworking space because it provides them with the space and support they need to be their true selves. Unlike our competitors, we provide our clients with our 5 star business addresses, a receptionist to answer calls in their company name, and a landline number that is completely provided by us – all in a sophisticated shared space with great views and plenty of natural light.

 All of the 10 followings are include:

  1. The ability to use one of our prestigious addresses as your business address
  2. A local landline phone number with unlimited local calls
  3. A dedicated receptionist who will answer phone calls in your company's name.
  4. Secretarial Services on Demand
  5. Month-to-month terms with flexibility
  6. Community Events that Happen Every Week
  7. Diverse and well-designed spaces
  8. Access to more than 100 Network BD locations across Bangladesh
  9. Online and in-person communication with other members

We also offer a bilingual secretarial team, ample meeting space that can be book via an app, and color printing from any desk. Our clients can focus on growing their revenue because of the high-quality services and digital advantages we provide. If our clients require IT assistance, they simply dial *1 on their phones, and a Networking BD IT expert will respond immediately. Simple IT solutions that work, a professional team to delegate to, and a community of like-minded Imaginers to collaborate with are all elements of business happiness. Our clients are greet by our teams in hundred locations all over the Bangladesh. A HostBangla

Coworking Space is unbeatable because of 7 below features;

  1. Fibre-base, Tier-1-managed Internet that is super-fast and completely secure.
  2. Customized in-house IT support - firstly dial *1 to get started.
  3. Spacious, one-of-a-kind common areas
  4. Desks, chairs, lamps, and also lockable storage cabinets are all available at Networking BD workspaces.
  5. Multi-function copier/scanner/printers for business
  6. For those private phone calls, there are private phone booths available.
  7. Networking skills with potential clients and also investors

Collaborative and Flexible space

  1. A dedicated coworking space from HostBangla is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. When working on a deadline, people can choose whether to put in a long day or take a long break in the middle of the day to go to the gym, do some necessary shopping, or simply enjoy the natural environment outside of the office. Our workspaces allow you to take a break and live a little.
  3. Our clients can choose from a variety of workspace types to work in a quiet space where they can focus or a more collaborative space with shared tables where interaction is encouraged. On days when they need to, they can even choose to work from home. Flexibility is essential.

Furnished Coworking Spaces And Office Spaces In Dhanmondi

Personalized and professional service is provided by coworking spaces.

Business owners, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs used to check with a local hotel for their meeting needs before our shared economy. Hotel conference rooms can be rented, but they are usually designed for large-scale events and have food minimums.

Our Community Managers are available at coworking and shared workspaces to assist you in getting ready for a successful meeting. After all these dedicated managers will assist you in selecting the appropriate space size, managing equipment requirements, and assisting with catering options. In addition, many offer amenities such as coffee and snacks. In other words, you get white-glove service whether you’re hosting a two-person interview or a fifteen-person training session

Meeting Room Rentals are more Cost-Effective in Shared Spaces

Meeting and Conference rooms at Coworking, Shared, and Flexible workspaces are available on an as-needed basis for a low fee. You not only pay as you go with this option, but many spaces also allow you to bring your own food rather than having to pay a minimum food charge, which is common at hotel-style venues.

Whiteboards, projectors, and Smart TVs are standard in our most coworking conference rooms. Ask if these features are included in the price or if there is an additional charge for them.

Common Areas Specialize in Custom-Made Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Also shared conference rooms can be selected based on your meeting requirements. You can choose the conference room and additional space that best suits your needs, whether you need to meet with your four-person team or have a training session for twelve people with an additional breakout space.

Fully Furnished Premium Office Spaces & Workspaces In Dhanmondi

Office Spaces - Ready to Use - Monthly, Daily, Hourly Basis.

Meeting in a Coworking Conference Room Allows You to Maintain Your Confidentiality. Also you can keep sensitive information private by hosting private interviews and team or client meetings at an offsite meeting space. Distractions are also reduced when a team meeting is held offsite.

Renting a conference room additionally allows entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who work from home to have focused and also private conversations in a professional setting.

Connecting with a Coworking and Shared Office space

Shared offices are designed with easy access and online scheduling in mind. The online tools that make scheduling easy are one of the advantages of connecting with a Coworking and Shared Office space.

Once you’ve used the space for the first time, you’ll be able to access the meeting room calendar, see your available options, schedule the conference room of your choice, and pay with just a few clicks. It simplifies the process of organizing your next training session, client meeting, interview, or team gathering.

Get Meaningful Benefits With Networking BD Office Space Services

Coworking addresses a wide range of issues that business owners and team leaders face. Coworking and flexible office environments are in a unique position in the post-2020 commercial real estate landscape due to ongoing changes. They are better positioned to provide meaningful benefits to their members in the present and also future. Are you interested in learning more? After that HostBangla provides services to assist you in analyzing your space requirements, finding great spaces, and visiting your shortlist. They can also assist you in negotiating a favorable monthly lease. Find out why it's so beneficial to have HostBangla on your side — and why we can guarantee your satisfaction — by speaking with a HostBangla advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coworking Membership

A coworking membership can assist you in locating a collaborative environment where you can thrive. correspondingly use a coworking desk anywhere in the world with access to our global network of shared offices. Basically a coworking membership makes it easy to work your way wherever you are, with business-grade internet, telecoms, ergonomic furniture, and bookable offices and meeting rooms available within our business centers. You’ll have access to our business lounges, networking events, and receive exclusive benefits from our health and lifestyle partners as part of your coworking membership.

There’s no need to book in advance if you’ve reserved a dedicated desk in Dhaka. Additionally if you prefer to hot desk, you should book a space in advance using the HostBangla app, online, or over the phone to ensure that one is available.

Rental Period

When renting one of our coworking spaces, there is no minimum rental period. You can use a coworking space for a minimum of one hour or reserve a dedicated desk for as long as you need it in any of our locations around the world. Our coworking membership gives you access to coworking desks by the day, five, ten, or unlimited days per month for even more flexibility.

Rent a Coworking Space

We have two vibrant coworking locations in Dhaka if you’re looking for an inspiring place to network, collaborate, and also grow your business. Although BDT 13,779 per month, you can rent a dedicated coworking desk or upgrade to our premium option for BDT 13,779 per month. These rates are based on HostBangla rates and a 24-month lease agreement. The price will vary depending on the number of people, the length of the agreement, the coworking location, and availability.

You can also purchase a coworking membership for individuals and teams of any size, which grants you access to any of our coworking spaces for 5, 10, or unlimited days per month.

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