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  1. The process of preparing financial statements: reviewing and compiling.
  2. Prepare and file income taxes.
  3. Tax planning and consulting.
  4. Reports on monthly, quarterly, and annual financial activity.
  5. The implementation of new accounting software packages.
  6. Bill payment services.
  7. Management of businesses.
  8. Taxes on payroll and sales.
  1. Payables and receivables.
  2. Accounting for general ledgers.
  3. The reconciliation of accounts.
  4. Asset management fixed.
  5. Closings at the end of each month, quarter, and year.
  6. Preparation of payroll tax and sales tax returns.
  7. Management of cash flow.
  8. New accounting software packages are being implemented.
  1. Auditors.
  2. Accorded-upon procedures/Due diligence.
  3. Collections.
  4. Projection and forecasts.
  5. Management consultation on GAAP application.
  6. Analyses.
  7. Assist with accounting.
  8. Preparation of financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
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Our 6 Best Services For Your Accounting Solutions

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1. Business Entity Selection

The form of your business entity is a crucial decision that can have long-term tax consequences. To determine the best form of business.


4. Service Taxes

Many of our clients are responsible for collecting sales taxes in a variety of jurisdictions. We can assist your company sales tax returns in a timely.


2. Strategies Planning

Our tax planning and preparation services have proven to be very beneficial for our clients. No matter whether you are.


5. Compilations

Our goal is to help you maximize your company's profitability and efficiency through our role in financial reporting.


3. Payroll services

Our business growth often necessitates hiring more employees, which requires increased payroll administration.


6. Cash Flow Analysis

Cash management can enhance a company's liquidity, reduce costs, and increase profitability accounting Services.

Take The Real Benefits:

How We Work For Our Customers - Get Our Best Working Process

The majority of large multinational companies will be restructuring, centralising or expanding their finance function, dealing with change following a merger, acquisition, disposal or similar corporate transaction, all of which can lead to a need for accounting support.

HostBangla can handle any non-core accounting activities such as transaction processing and basic reporting, enabling your in-house finance and accounting resources to focus on higher added value activities.

Businesses of all sizes and industries benefit from accounting services. You will need specific services based on the nature of your business and the particulars of your project, whether you are a small business or a big enterprise.

Accounting services in Bangladesh With so many companies competing in the global market, keeping financial records of subsidiaries and parent companies in different locations has become increasingly difficult. HostBangla Bangladesh, a subsidiary of Tokyo Consulting Group, one of the top global accounting firms, promises our clients that we will provide the highest level of commitment and dedication, and ensure that their needs will be met.

How HostBangla Can Help You:

The majority of large multinational companies will be restructuring, centralising or expanding their finance function, dealing with change following a merger, acquisition, disposal or similar corporate transaction, all of which can lead to a need for accounting support.

You can outsource to HostBangla all non-core accounting tasks, including transaction processing and basic reporting, so that your finance and accounting resources can work on higher-value activities.

  • Accounting monthly/quarterly/annual reporting and compliance
  • Accountancy
  • Compilation of Mongolian Statutory Financial Statements
  • Compilation of IFRS Financial Statements
  • Provide initial setup of a new accounting system
  • Providing accounting training to your employees

Why HostBangla Is The Best Choice For You!

We are well familiar with all aspects of accounting compilation, and we generate financial statements according to IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards) or GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Our staff is also knowledgeable about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and business intelligence tools such as SAP and can create tailored reports and statements that meet the needs of our customers. The HostBangla Bangladesh team understands the unique needs of your unique business ideas and works tirelessly to provide you with our deep market knowledge and our up-to-date insights from our work overseas.

NetworkingBD’s Accounting Services Group has established itself as a leader in the industry.

  1. Our team consists of 50 professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Accounting solutions are our specialty for professional service organizations.
  3. Our company offers a wide range of services that are individually tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

HostBangla has a very large accountant network that allows us to find the right accountant for businesses in any industry and from any part of the country. We know accountants everywhere in the United States, from big cities to small towns. You can find a local firm or a professional who works remotely – whichever is more convenient for you.

Our Valuable Services

Do You Have The Best Accountant to Meet Your Needs?


We Know The Best Professionals in Every Industry For Every Budget

It is possible that you already have accounting professionals, but you may be lacking someone with specific knowledge about your industry. You can easily find the right expert through HostBangla. We take care of everything for you as soon as you submit your request, so don't bother calling around to find out whether CPAs have the time to help you or if they have the right qualifications.


We Provide Trustable Accounting Services

We provide Entry and review of the accounting journal, Employee expense review Invoice filing, collection, and payment of sales and purchase invoices Petty Cash Review General ledger and periodic (as needed) trial balances and Prepare monthly financial reports.

Conclusion :

Our top-ranked national firm is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial, middle-market, and high net worth. companies meet their goals. HostBangla serves nonprofit and social sector organizations, as well as privately owned and publicly traded companies.


Faqs For Accounting Services

The simple bookkeeping of an individual would take at least three to five hours every day. These hours could be better spent managing the business.


Monthly outsourced accounting and controller/crfo services are subject to a 6-month minimum contract.


You can consider outsourcing your Accounting needs at any time. We can help you whether your business is pre-revenue and you’d like to start with clean and accurate books, or if your business is established and you need simple, accurate, and timely reports.

HostBangla provides finance and accounting services via our contact us form or by phone. If you are satisfied with our prices and quality, you can send your files to HostBangla’s email.

Providing finance and accounting outsourcing solutions to global customers across diverse industries since 2002, HostBangla is a pioneer in offering these services.

Our finance and accounting services team is available 24/7 via phone, email, Skype, and online chat to answer your questions and address your requirements.

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