Easy Corporate Tax Preperation

Easy Corporate Tax Preperation

Our team of tax attorneys, tax lawyers, income tax attorneys, income tax practitioners, tax professionals, tax representatives, and tax accountants in Bangladesh has been providing taxation services in Bangladesh.

Everyone, whether an assessed is a company or an individual, should file their return on time to avoid any fines or penalties that may result from late submission or tax avoidance of any kind.

Full End To End Computation Of Corporate Tax

We are working efficiently in  Company's tax difficulties to solve and understand tax debts in Bangladesh.


Transfer Pricing

We are Providing assistance to clients with transfer pricing issues.


Auditing Service

Assisting clients with audits by the National Board of Revenue.


Business Tax

Assisting a client in determining their Bangladeshi business tax


TIN Service

Obtaining a Federal Tax Identification Number


Income tax

Income tax planning in accordance with tax laws


Tax Returns

Preparation of tax returns in accordance with tax laws.

Prepare Your Corporate Tax Statement With Expert Advice

In Bangladesh, Taxation services has become one of the critical and complex compliance issues for business organization in Bangladesh. Tax rates and the imposition is changed almost every year by the declaration of the Finance Act.  

Several tax difficulties arise outstanding to tax debts in Bangladesh. If any business organization fails to comply with prevailing taxation rules, they have to face severe pecuniary measures.

Enjoy Our 6 Exclusive Services Given Below:

  • 1. Filing late tax returns.
  • Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs
  • 2. Filing amended tax returns.
  • 3.Tele- Support, live chat support, email support and more
  • 3. Advising clients on income tax.
  • 4. Income Tax Appeals.
  • 5. Repesenting customers in front of the tax department
  • 6. Filing tax returns of the clients.

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In Bangladesh, there are several different types of taxes, the most common of which are:

  1. Duties on Customs
  2. VAT (Value Added Tax) (VAT)
  3. Additional Responsibility
  4. Individual Income Taxes
  5. Income taxes on corporations.

Tax compliance on a regular basis:

  1. Monthly tax deducted at source return
  2. Quarterly foreign remittance return and quarterly account report
  3. Biannual (six-monthly) withholding tax report
  4. Preparation of annual income tax returns, audit reports, and financial statements
  5. Other statements and reporting regulations requested from time to time by various organizations.

Bangladesh’s tax accounting services are almost identical to the International Accounting Standards. The accounting method for a company is similar to the statutory audit required under the Companies Act 1994, that is, income tax audit and statutory audit. Along with filing or submitting a tax return in Bangladesh, the company must also submit Audited Financial Statements for the period in question, which must be audited in accordance with Bangladesh Standards on auditing financial statements prepared in accord with Bangladesh Accounting Standards and Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards.

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Multinational corporations will need stable in-house resources to manage additional requirements and responsibilities related to taxation in order to keep up with changes in Bangladesh Income Tax compliances, and ensuring this is our ultimate goal through taxation services in Bangladesh. They’ll also have to assess their systems to see if they can handle the new multijurisdictional reporting requirements. With the help of our tax attorneys, tax lawyers, income tax attorneys, income tax practitioners, tax professionals, tax representatives, and tax accountants, HostBangla provides advice or acts as agents or principal on behalf of various business clients.

The following are some of the most common issues that arise during the return filing process:

Our expert team is specialized in handling Complexity of filing the return
Assist you in keeping track of information from previous years' returns efficiently
Procedural issues regarding submission of the return in the tax circle office, and so on

Tax consultancy service providers in Bangladesh come from a variety of backgrounds, including Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants (CMA), Income Tax Practitioners (ITP), Advocates, and Retired government income tax officers.

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Losses Are Set Off

A company must consider the set off provisions outlined in Bangladesh's taxation laws when developing company tax strategies and income tax planning. If a company earns money from several sources, it may be eligible for tax relief on one of those sources if certain conditions are met.


Proceed with caution

A company must keep provisions for carry forward of losses from previous years when calculating corporation tax. The income tax laws of Bangladesh allow for such a carry forward of business income tax if the loss is not from speculative business, the loss cannot be set off entirely in a tax year, and so on.

Get Financial & Business Auditing With Corporate Tax

In the face of uncertainty, we at host bangla can help current and potential investors run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. We have a strong, talented, and dynamic tax team that can assist you with a wide range of tax issues, including income tax returns, Bangladesh inbound tax advisory, withholding taxes, and the identification and measurement of uncertain tax positions.

FAQs For Corporate Tax

While remitting profit to Head Office, a branch company must withhold the income tax at a rate of 20%. When a dividend is paid to a shareholder who is a resident of a country with which Bangladesh has signed a tax treaty, the rate specified in the tax treaty will apply, subject to certification from the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

The state’s development is impossible without the revenue generated by income tax. Bangladesh implemented the Value Added Tax on July 1, 1991. The new VAT legislation will go into effect on July 1, 2017. VAT is indicted at a typical rate of 15%. In the case of import and supply, the applicable VAT rate is 15%, while in the case of export, it is 0%.

Exchange Traded Derivatives (Exchange Traded Derivatives) Rules, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, 2019. Sponsors/promoters and directors must hold a minimum of 30% of the shares in a joint venture. Regulations of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission for the income tax services (Exchange Traded Funds), 2016.

The following are the income tax rates that apply in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, the standard rate of VAT is 15%. 0% of the product is exported. The turnover tax rate for taxpayers with a turnover of up to Taka 8 million is 3%. (VAT is not applicable to them). Various rates of supplementary duty on luxury goods and services. There are no other rates that are lower.

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