Office Rooms To Let And Mailing Address Rental In Motijheel

Motijheel is a historical area in Dhaka after that originated in the Mughal era and now stands as the city's primary commercial district. After all it is a business district. Our co-working space is located in this area. Take a look at our spaces and  also explore our amenities and floor plans by booking a free tour. Basically our team will be more than happy to explain the plans and recommend the best type of membership for your business. 

Motijheel in Coworking Office Space
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Why Choose HostBangla Coworking Office Space In Motijheel


1. Network Never Fall

Our servers are connected to 3GBps fiber-optic Internet, also network infrastructure.


4. Treats For Office

Also you can enjoy free ice cream and sweet treats across all our coworking spaces on Friday.


2. 24x7 IT Support

We offer round-the-clock IT support and also 24/7 workspace access service For you and your team.


5. Wellness at work

Correspondingly our spaces are centered on workplace wellness with wellness centers and massage.


3. Coffee With Us

Our offices are stocked in particular with MadMax Coffee and fruit-infused water. Our team are frindly.


6. It's a Passport

We also offer a variety of workspaces where you can work.You can easily and work realx our worksapces.

There is a wide selection of coworking spaces in Bangladesh after that match the global reputation of the city. Startups and also solo entrepreneurs in Bangladesh can take advantage of shared office space to meet people from over all the world who are connected to emerging companies and the Asian venture capital community.

NetworkingBD Bangladesh and hundreds of other shared workspaces provide a place to meet and work, network, and learn. Regularly, new shared offices are opening in Bangladesh, so keep checking Coworker to see what’s new. 

We offer all types of coworking spaces in Bangladesh for short and long-term rentals, so you can find the right location and features for your style of working. Search for a private or shared office space in Bangladesh today.


A Place To Work

Your own private office with a flexible contract that fits your business needs. Availability 24/7/365 Fully furnished or just a space A coworking membership with all its perks.You Can work easily.



We have more than 3000 coworking spaces throughout the world, with above all flexible contracts. At the same time During business hours Meet like-minded professionals The agenda of our networking


The Dedicated Desk

You'll have your own desk in a shared office with a locker included, as well as with a flexible contract. You can reach us 24/7/365 Make Spaces your business address Thousands of coworking spaces worldwide


Space For Meetings

Especially we provide meeting rooms and event spaces on demand with all the services you need. We offer a wide variety of sizes and location. Also discounts for members of Spaces We offer catering.

Startups and established businesses likewise use coworking spaces in Motijheel. There are many reasons why coworking spaces are in high demand, additionally the energy, community, and productivity-inducing designs. Some of our coworking space solutions include:

  1. The private coworking space has a dedicated desk
  2. A coworking space with hot desks for All Access members 
  3. Private office space that is flexible

HostBangla locations feature workspaces with glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing sunlight or transparency. Whether you're bring that guests or your team, the common areas in our buildings have a unique look and vibe that will inspire them. At the same time  HostBangla locations, you'll find private phone booths, onsite staff, and business-class printers. You can also connect, learn, and grow with the HostBangla  community through networking events, lunch and learns, and wellness activities. Get involved today.

You and also your team can choose a coworking space that suits your needs in a location convenient for you. Eventually our portfolio of over 800 buildings across 35+ countries allows you to find the right workspace wherever you are. Take your business and work to another level with a desk in a prime location.

Furnished Office Space To-Let In Bangladesh At Flexible Price

We Have a Workspace To Meet Your Every Need

We Provide Quality Standard Services. You Are Welcome To Our HostBangla Co-working Space Service Solution.

Our team is ready to assist you. Accordingly we would be more than happy to walk you through the various membership types and determine which is best for you and your team. Here are our some special solution that you need:
  • 01. Support for Reception
  • 02. Access doors with Bluetooth
  • 03. Snacks and beverages provided for free
  • 04. Printing and scanning services

Final Thoughts

Work is about people and ideas, according to us. At our Spaces, we have forward thinkers, innovators, and also game changers who are confident that they can achieve their goals. We help our community, whether they are small businesses, entrepreneurs, or corporate intrapreneurs, to expand their horizons at Spaces.


FAQ For Co-working Space In Motijheel

Co-working spaces are popular among small businesses and freelancers who cannot justify the costs of renting a full office space (although some co-working spaces do offer individual offices). In this way, members can enjoy perks such as internet, printing, a kitchenette and a lounge area without having to pay additional overheads.

NetworkingBD welcomes you to bring your lunch and snacks to work. We have a kitchenette available for your use, but you should also know that there are a number of restaurants and takeaways within a 5-10 minute walk of the space.

Our coworking office encourages and actually hopes that anyone who works here will make the best connections in their field. We encourage both creatives and entrepreneurs to network here. As much as we have set up our offices as a community, so you can make relationships that will last you for a lifetime.

There is wireless Internet access as well as hardwired Internet access available. It is estimated that the average Internet download speed is 17-20 mbps, and the upload speed is about 18-20 mbps. We have fast enough Internet for business.

We Offer Office Suites Temporary Rentals Services In Motijheel