Rent a Virtual VR Office & Mailing Address in Mohammadpur

Book and Rent a Virtual VR Office & Mailing Address for Company incorporation in Bangladesh.

The idea for HostBangla coworking office space arose from a simple desire to see ideas and creativity flourish. The location, which is in Mohammadpur, is easily accessible and is one of Dhaka’s central hubs. HostBangla can be thought of as a haven for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. The overall environment is conducive to the growth of your idea and peer communication. All of the standard amenities of coworking office space are available, as well as a library. The atmosphere is ideal for brainstorming ideas for your next big project. The cost varies depending on the availability of the item. The most basic package costs 5000 BDT, while the most expensive package costs up to 9000 BDT, 14000 BDT, or more.  Each package comes with its own set of features that you can choose from depending on your budget and requirements.









Book and Rent a Virtual VR Office & Mailing Address for Company Incorporation.


Because HostBangla provides the highest speed internet across all of our coworking office spaces, you can work without interruption.


Every month, remembers have access to exclusive and complimentary events. Our annual get-together party and the annual picnic are two of our most popular events.


Is it a a last-minute team meeting? At each HostBangla coworking office space, we have 3 conference rooms, and phone booths.


HostBangla will provide you with an unlimited supply of complimentary coffee. Each of our coworking office spaces also has unlimited fruit-infused water.


Working with your preferred location in Bangladesh is possible. You will enjoy HostBangla's 24/7 coworking access.


There's no need to go out and get your document printed or photocopied because we'll do it for you! Take advantage of special offers.

Various Natural Environments

Coworking members do a wide range of work, whether it's writing a proposal or making a sales call, so they'll need a variety of environments to get the job done. Taking into account factors such as the location of your coworking office space and the work style of your community will aid you in determining how to effectively plan and design your meeting rooms.

It's critical that your coworking office space provides knowledge workers with the physical space they need to do their best work. If your workplace lacks the space they require, they will simply seek out another location that does.

It's crucial to keep the meeting room's primary function in mind when designing each space. Rooms dedicated to ideation and brainstorming, for example, may not have a television at all, instead opting for a large whiteboard. Video conference rooms should have a large display and a centered camera that can see all participants.

The furniture in the room plays an equally important role in room design, if not more so, than the technology itself. A room with backless chairs and a high top table is typically designed for impromptu meetings, whereas a room with a lounge sofa and coffee table is typically designed for a casual get-together.

Make sure that each room has physical signage instructing guests on how to properly use the technology. The last thing you want is for guests to be frustrated and confused when using your room, especially if the setup is not obvious.

Aside from that, you might want to consider storing all of your cables and remotes in a box or another container. Whiteboards are an essential component of conference rooms, and the cost of attractive glass boards has decreased in recent years. Whiteboard paint can also be used on a wall, but these can be difficult to keep clean on a regular basis.

Conference phones (though most people use their cellphones), a USB webcam for video calls, and power outlets for charging laptops are all possible additions to your space, depending on its type.

HDMI and Mini Displayport are the two most important physical connections your conference room should have. While wireless display technology is convenient, a dedicated cable is the most dependable and will ensure that your guests can share their screen at all times.


TVs will output in HDMI, so whether you run a cable directly from your TV or from a nearby wall plate, make sure you have dongles on hand for your visitors. Dongles that convert HDMI to Mini Displayport are the most common and work with most PCs.

With the adoption of USB C technology by newer computers, an HDMI to USB C dongle would be useful as well. Many coworking spaces will label the dongles with their company name or bright colors to prevent them from accidentally getting lost in someone's laptop bag.


The receptionist is capable of handling daily phone calls. In addition, I will be responsible for managing and sharing letters that you receive to your company.

On the first floor, metal detectors are installed, and access to the shared office space is controlled by fingerprint authentication.

You have unlimited access to a stable high-speed internet connection. In addition, UPS cables are available for free in the event of a power outage.

Serviced Office Spaces in Uttara - Monthly, Daily, Hourly Basis

You can choose from a variety of meeting rooms to find the ideal space and location for your next meeting. We'll assist you in finding the perfect boardroom for an event, a private room for candidate interviews, or an inspiring space for a training session.

Enjoy Benefits Of Choosing HostBangla Coworking Office Space

Going to a coworking space has the advantage of providing you with a dedicated workspace, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with minimal distractions. If you want, some coworking office spaces will even provide you with a private desk. At HostBangla coworking office space, I actually use the flexible workspace option. As a result, I have access to a variety of workspaces throughout the building.


Office Space

HostBangladesh offers fully equipped spaces for any size gathering



We offer an office atmospheres that are both comfortable and professional



Our skilled advisors assist you in finding or locating at the ideal location

Grab Our Most Affordable and Flexible Office Services

The goal of HostBangla, which is located in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, is to provide a nurturing space and community for students and young professionals who want to succeed as entrepreneurs. Both startups and established businesses can use our space and services. We offer a flexible and affordable coworking office space option for everyone, with a wide range of member and non-member options.

FAQ On Mohammadpur Coworking Office Space Service

  1. Do some research on your customers. You must research both the current market and your potential clients in order to run a successful business that provides office space.
  2. Set up your workstations.
  3. Decide on a suitable location.
  4. Promote your company.
  5. Organize networking gatherings.

Approximately 87 percent of coworking spaces around the world are profitable today, and this number is steadily increasing. Given the fierce competition in today’s coworking market, you’ll need to arm yourself with cutting-edge financial models and revenue-generating strategies.

Unsurprisingly, coworking spaces make the majority of their money by renting out desks (61 percent ). One out of every ten spaces makes their entire living from desk rentals. Renting out meeting rooms and event spaces accounts for 10% of the average space’s revenue (10 percent each)

We don’t have traditional leases for our spaces; instead, we have a membership agreement.

Rent a Virtual Office & Mailing Address In Mohammadpur