Ready Office Spaces in Uttara - Monthly, Daily, Hourly Basis.

HostBangla coworking space in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, offers hot desks, dedicated desks, premium desks, and private office space with IP phone facilities, as well as meeting rooms and conference call service. Also individual entrepreneurs can work in a fully equipped office at a low cost thanks to our services. So get ready to use HostBangla to propel your company to new heights by getting a secure coworking space in Uttara!

  • 1.Meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  • 2. Private working nooks.
  • 3. High-speed internet.
  • 4. Office equipment and accessories.
  • 5. Lounge and tea & coffee machine.
  • 6. 100% security.
  • 7. Front desk service.
  • 8. Seminars, workshops, and mentorship events.

Get Full Furnished Workspace In Uttara

We collaborate with the world’s most well-known businesses to develop custom, full-service workspaces after that can expand to meet your changing demands.

We offer a better work-life balance

Fully Furnished Shared Office Spaces & Workspaces in Uttara.


Valuable Spaces

Valuable Spaces There are overall 18,500 parking spots and meeting rooms, with over 300 additional spaces added each month only thinking for your comfort.


Trusted Services

HostBangla has over 6 million users ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses until in the world along with Bangladesh.


100% Free of Charge

HostBangla never costs you for a single desk or a team of 100. Similarly It's a very good point that's why you take our coworking space services.


Perfect Workspace

Whether you need a single desk, a meeting room, or a private office, choose a productive workspace after that meets your needs.


Flexible Terms

Take advantage of having space available for an hour, a day, a month, or longer whenever you require it in Uttara, Dhaka.


Worldwide Presence

Within our worldwide presence, unlock a world of workspace—work from home, also from several locations, or in new cities in Bangladesh.

Why HostBangla For Virtual Office Space In Uttara?


We are improving our health and also safety standards in accordance to COVID-19 for your piece of mind. At the same time we are always conscious of other pandemics and take the right decision in any case. So that there is no doubt about our safety precautions.

With over 800 locations across the world, NetworkingBD can provide you with workspace when and where you need it, whether you want to be closer to home, empower your team in other cities, or have a dedicated private area where you can focus.

We’re listening and learning from our worldwide network of businesses as well as they adapt and innovate, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

Philosophy Satisfaction

HostBangla offers a coworking space in Uttara. At the same time we create a community of highly driven individuals with productive, safe, and significant work HostBangla has everything an entrepreneur needs to run a successful business and flourish over time. Our primary goal is to establish a highly functional work environment in which each teammate can concentrate on their work rather than being distracted by office upkeep responsibilities.

HostBangla offers services to members on a monthly basis as well as guests on an hourly and daily basis.

HostBangla gives you everything you need to have a productive day at work. In reality Uninterrupted internet (WiFi), constant electricity, space created expressly for work, complimentary tea, ergonomic furniture, lockers, printing services, in-house cafe, and pantry are just a few of the amenities available.

Our motto is to provide you with a flawless service while assisting you in achieving your goal. You can join at any time or come in as a visitor. So get in touch today with HostBangla to obtain a flexible and affordable coworking space in Uttara.

Advantage Services

When it comes to welcoming someone as a prized client, we don't have any set rules. For documentation and security reasons, also we do demand a government-issued photo ID and your emergency contact information.

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of our coworking space is the opportunity to meet people you might not otherwise encounter. Working with new people every day contributes to this, but parts of a community are also integrated into workspace solutions like HostBangla.

Monthly networking events give you the opportunity to meet new people and improve your networking skills, while informative lectures, yoga classes, catered lunches, and seasonal markets help you turn those introductions into long-term relationships—and possibly new business.

Advantage Services

The lease terms for our coworking space in Uttara are quite flexible. There are usually various options available if you need to terminate your membership for any reason. As a result, it's a great business service to experiment with and see how it goes. If you've had a positive experience, you're good to go. Even if you don't use your subscription, there's no harm in canceling it.

Connect, Create, and Collaborate

First thing to remember if you want to save money, HostBangla is the place to go. A well-decorated, fully furnished, air-conditioned private office with a comfortable dedicated corporate desk can be had for a lower cost.

Here is-

  1. Office space that is fully furnished and managed
  2. Employees will find it quite convenient to commute because of the central location.
  3. High-speed Internet, central air conditioning, and desk with locker
  4. Reception, Cafe, and Shared Meeting Room are all available.
  5. Everything is taken care of, and the answer is hassle-free.

Coworking spaces give freelancers and large teams the flexibility to pay only for what they require, when they require it. This flexibility is crucial for businesses, especially those in high-growth stages, to be able to expand or relocate as needed without the stress of a long-term lease.

We can help you achieve a better work-life balance by providing a dedicated workspace — and providing remote employees with a location to work from outside the home.

It's easier to create a routine that allows you to do what you need to be most effective when you have a dedicated work place.

Virtual Offices & Business Address and Meeting Room Rentals.

We Create Result-Oriented Coworking Space

Our coworking space in Uttara provides a sense of community for start-ups and entrepreneurs in a city that is both hard and rewarding.


Rooms for Meetings

Our conference room is tastefully designed and also can accommodate eight people.


High Speed Internet

For our clients, also we have a 25 mbps corporate internet service with fast speed.


Central Location

Our convenient commercial location presently makes daily commutes for you and your workers.


The possibility to meet new individuals is one of the most valuable advantages of our coworking space.

If you operate from home or in a small office, also you may be missing out on important contacts that could help you build your business.

In due time all that’s missing in a small firm is the spark that proximity to other successful business owners may provide.

We help you break free from your own bubble: by exposing you and also your staff to fresh ideas, you can improve your company. Any business’s success depends on having a comfortable and effective workspace.

Productivity increases

This is especially true for entrepreneurs who run their businesses from their homes. When we’re at home, it’s simple to become distracted.

Children want attention, given these points the house must be cleaned or maintained, and one-of-a-kind tasks can pop up at any time. By moving to a different location, you can establish a “work mode” that will help you be more productive.

You’ll never have to worry about getting work done because our coworking space in Uttara are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our coworking spaces can give you with bursts of inspiration by allowing you to interact with people and also expose yourself to different ideas.

Changing workspaces and moving to a new office can help you refresh your thinking and come up with new answers to business problems.

This advantage is inextricably linked to networking. When you work in a coworking space, you are open to chance and opportunity. Who knows where a simple conversation might take you? Working in close quarters with others allows for quick collaboration. Before you know it, you’ll be on the lookout for a new hire.


You’ll have to pay for a number of things if you rent an office, especially if your staff desire perks like free coffee, snacks, and (sometimes) wine.

These and other perks are included in the pricing of coworking spaces on a monthly basis. They also feature a number of built-in business services, such as business mail, that can save you money over time. Consider what traits you require before deciding on the optimal location for your business.

Small businesses mired in exorbitant leases may find cost-cutting to be a significant benefit.


A workday at home might be a jumble if there is no structure or commute to separate family life from business responsibilities. As a result, you might find yourself working late at night, checking emails from bed or reading over project ideas before your morning coffee.

Lastly coworking spaces provide you structure in your day by offering you a location to go every morning and leave after you’re done working.

You’ll find that this pattern helps prevent the unintended invasion of professional life into personal time, regardless of how you start each day.

We put money into furnishings, interior design, air conditioning, flooring, and also technology infrastructure, and whatever else that has to be done.

Similarly pack your belongings and move into our ready-to-use space. 

Everything is set up to meet your requirements.

Everything is covered under our program, from the electricity bill to high-speed internet. In due There’s no need to worry about office administration.

You won’t be locked into a decade as long as lease with our incredibly flexible terms, whether it’s for a month or a year.

Don’t even consider managing dozens of vendors. With us, you’ll simply have to pay one bill for everything.

Save yourself the trouble. Instead of contacting multiple persons for different concerns, you will have a single point of contact for all difficulties.

World-Class Coworking Space

Run Business Successfully

Whether you're an established firm or a growing startup, discover adaptive spaces and solutions to help you move your business forward.

Run Business

You can concentrate on your business with our hassle-free service. If you have a well-designed, fully furnished office with constant internet connectivity and electricity, you will be more focused on your work. And you’ll be smiling all day thanks to our pleasant and quiet working atmosphere.

You can have a well-decorated, fully furnished, air-conditioned private office with a comfortable dedicated corporate desk for a lower fee.

We handle all of the facilities management problems and costs on a daily basis. Our team is always available to assist you with your issues so you can focus on your business.

HostBangla Your Trustworthy Co-Working Space Services Provider

HostBangla's coworking space in Uttara services allow you flexible commitments to locations that are convenient for you and your team. We have over 800 properties in 35 countries that can supply you with workspace as needed. Find a workstation in a visible place to take your work and business to the next level.


FAQs For CoWorking Space In Uttara

Yes, without a doubt. For female entrepreneurs, HostBangla is completely safe and secure. We collaborate with the world’s most well-known businesses to develop custom, full-service workspaces that can bend and expand to meet your changing demands.

HostBangla is a Dhaka-based co-working office facility with modern amenities. High-speed internet, 24-hour office access, generator backup, a modern look and feel, a hangout zone, a workshop, and a presentation room are all available. One of Dhaka’s largest coworking spaces is NetworkingBD.

The cost of our membership is $45 per month. It costs $50 plus the membership fee to rent a desk for a day. For $350 per month, you get unlimited access to communal workplaces, but a dedicated desk will set you back anything between $275 and $600 per month (depending on the office location, demand, etc.).

A co-working space is a terrific option for you if you want greater discipline and structure, better job performance, a better network of people, and the possibility to obtain more qualified leads. Take the time to look for a coworking place that suits your needs.

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