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This is the point at which your headache will be over. We provide 100% paperless company incorporation services in Bangladesh. You can start your business adventure from anywhere in the world with the help of our highly successful customer success team. We can assist you with naming your company, articles of formation, directors, and share capital. You can change the company’s information or download your own if you use our service. We’ll register your new company electronically and provide after-sales support once it’s up and running. In other words, we provide a complete and competent business incorporation service.


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You can form and incorporate your business in just a few simple steps. So Select the entity type for your company, run a business name search, and get started right away now!


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Choose the finest business Area to incorporate your company in Bangladesh. Through HostBangla, incorporation services are offered in all 50 states and the District of Bangladesh.


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Make sure your firm remains compliant after it has been founded. Our Registered Agent service keeps track of your business's progress and ensures critical deadlines are met.


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In more ways than one, we're a step ahead of the competition. We provide the most user-friendly, comprehensive platform with the greatest customer service. Get it now!

Private Limited Company With VAT Registration & Business Account.

We assist people in company incorporation and offer corporate secretarial services all around the world. In addition to assisting you with Company Registration LTD, Private Limited at Lowest Professional Fees. Tax Consultant. A Leading Company Register and Auditing Firms in Bangladesh.


Basic Service

Our basic service includes everything you'll need to start a business and is the plan we suggest for all new businesses in Bangladesh.


Business Type

If you want to start business in Bangladesh make sure you have all of the necessary information and register online right away.


Company Name

When it comes to choosing a company name, the wrong choice can prove extremely costly. We help you to overcome.



If there are two or more directors, it's crucial to decide on the rules they'll follow & include them in the articles of incorporation.



If there are two or more shareholders, it is vital to ensure that their financial interests in the company are protected by implementing the necessary safeguards.



There are many company have distinct share classes, and a new company's share structure should be decided from the beginning and spelled out in the articles.



In order to register your company, we'll need information from you regarding the company name, registered office address, directors, members.



Our professional team will save time if you have all of the relevant information before you begin. It depends on whether it's a private company or a public one.

Why Customers Prefer Our Company Incorporation?


Small Or Medium Scale Private Limited Company Registration

We can walk you through the procedure and make sure you have the most efficient company entity that fits your goal perfectly. We’ll help you assess the relative merits of several jurisdictions and business structures, as well as the commercial, tax, and legal ramifications of forming a company in a specific jurisdiction. Our team of professionals can assist you in lawfully reducing your tax liabilities while gaining access to regional markets.

The following are some of the most typical company creation services we perform in the main Asian jurisdictions:

  1. Reservation of a company name
  2. Registration of a company or a business
  3. Service for Nominee Shareholders/Directors
  4. Opening a Business Bank Account
  5. Annual Filings Required by Law
  6. Incorporation of an Offshore Company
  7. Application for a License
  8. Registration of a Trademark
  9. Patents from around the world

For the level of service we give, we charge a reasonable fee. On the internet, there are some outrageously low company registration rates advertised. We recognize that we are not the cheapest business formation agents, but we do provide excellent value. Purchasing a company registration service isn’t the same as purchasing a book or CD. It will be the same product regardless of where you purchase a CD. This is not the case with a business registration service.

You require assistance from people who have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and integrity to correctly handle your formation, as well as people who are willing to answer your questions and provide the assistance you require. Such a service necessitates highly qualified personnel who are compensated fairly. See our Why You Should Use Us page for more information, as well as some testimonials from long-term professional clients.

Our team of company incorporation experts in Bangladesh offers a comprehensive range of services to local and international investors looking to start a business in the country. Our staff can assist you with the formation of any of the Bangladeshi company types. Our experts in company formation in Bangladesh have considerable knowledge with the incorporation procedure needs and can assist in the registration of a firm while adhering to local legislation’s norms and regulations.

Since 2005, HostBangla has been registering businesses and providing a high-quality service for all forms of business formations. We offer a friendly, personalized service that includes all company formation advice. We can help you choose a name for your business, as well as articles of incorporation, directors, and share capital.

Company Formation, Business Incorporation And Registration Services.

Simple & Seamless Process

The procedure of forming a company through our online application is simple and painless. Once you’ve provided us with the required information about yourself and your firm, our expert professionals will take over. And if you have any questions at any stage during the process, we’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • 01. Easy and seamless forming process
  • 02. Offer 24/7 hours customer support
  • 03. We charge a fair price for forming
  • 04. We have a knowledgeable team

Our Team Makes It Professional

We handle all of the paperwork and filing for you at HostBangla, and we’ll notify you as soon as your company is officially incorporated. Furthermore, our registered agents are there for the long haul, ready to assist in any way they can. So get in touch today to get the best company incorporation services.

  • 01. Offer most comprehensive platform
  • 02. Get benefited all sized business
  • 03. Helps to get a legal entity
  • 04. Overall best service around

All Sized Business Will Get Benefited

HostBangla Bangladesh is Bangladesh’s top provider of small to medium-sized private limited company formation and administration services. Every year, we form hundreds of Bangladeshi companies and offer them with continuous company administration services. So all types of business can get benefited with our services.

  • 01. We help to get a right business name
  • 02. Provide an after-care services
  • 03. Professional firm formation package
  • 04. Happy to answer your questions

Focus On Growing Your Business, While We Set It Up.

You can also obtain help from HostBangla Bangladesh to build your worldwide footprints if you're extending your business portfolio internationally. In addition, HostBangla specializes in One-Stop Cloud Solutions, as well as IT and design services. If you're seeking to start a business in Bangladesh, get in touch with us right away to get the best company incorporation services at the best rate!

FAQs For Company Incorporation Services

Yes, foreigners are permitted to do company incorporation in Bangladesh. Foreigners, on the other hand, can only start a private limited corporation. With a minimum paid-up capital, foreigners can fully own it (100 percent foreign ownership).

The procedure of company incorporation in Bangladesh usually takes 5-7 days to complete. This time will vary based on the signatories’ availability and the documents’ completeness. The processing time will be influenced by the availability and reliability of SSM’s system.

A company limited by guarantee is not allowed to have a share capital in Bangladesh. It is a publicly traded process of company incorporation that is frequently utilized for non-profit purposes such as charity, community projects, and similar endeavors.

Simply check the Certificate of Registration that will be supplied to you once you have successfully gotten clearance for your Malaysian company incorporation. It will include your company’s registration number.

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