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Over a decade of working in office services, developing virtual assistant applications for clients all over the world.

Our premium solution for businesses and companies includes not only a registered virtual assistant but also a call answering service. Allow our virtual receptionists to assist you in answering any official calls to your organization and greet your clients. Focus on executing your responsibilities while we handle all of your correspondence and phone calls.

Business With Our Virtual Assistant

Our 6 Virtual Assistants Service For Smart Business Operations


1. Word Processing

For us, word processing entails not only typing 80-100 words per minute, but also ensuring that the job is 100% accurate.


4. Effective Decision Making

We train our virtual assistants to explore and find out feasible solutions using the tools accessible to them.


2. Oral Communication

Making communication more efficient with clients through our professional verbal and writing skills.


5. Remote Record Updating

Our VA's make it easy to onboard and pay your remote employees and contractors, anywhere in the world.


3. Computer Skills

We rigorously examine candidates' computer skills, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and online skills, before hiring.


6. Offshore Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a difficult work, but our dedicated experts with a keen eye for detail are up to the task.

How Our VA Services Helps To Build Your Business Successfully?


Capitalize On Specialization

Internet allows VA professionals to provide a wide range of specialized and technical services to clients all around the world.


Scale Business Operations

We expand production capacity without compromising service delivery by bringing on a few qualified remote assistants.


Build Strategic Partnerships

Because both of you have the same objective of expanding your businesses, VAs can become strategic partners with training.


Save Operational Costs

Because virtual assistants are self-employed rather than workers, there are no added costs such as paid time off or benefits.

HostBangla Strives to Find the Most Appropriate Virtual Assistant For Your Business Needs

If you’re searching for a virtual assistant who can do more than just provide professional services, HostBangla is a great option. For example, you can rely on our virtual assistants to assist you with online shopping and other personal duties that you simply don’t have time for on a daily basis. Not to add, when it comes to professional services, they are quite broad and will never disappoint you.

Virtual assistants can also aid you in quickly ramping up your business’s activity. Because they enable you to quickly recruit people on a project-by-project basis. Moreover, our VA service is completely clear in terms of pricing. We have a variety of plans from which you can choose based on your requirements. Furthermore, we strive to give comprehensive company assistance. Three specialized teams are responsible for these services. Executive, Creative, and Technical, for example.

Our Executive Team specializes in business services that are critical to your company’s success, such as financial assistance, management, and office associates. Additionally, our Creative Team ensures that the creative side of your company is up to standard by supplying designers, artists, illustrators, writers, editors, audio technologists, and more. The Technical Team also includes experts in operating systems, big data, analytics, and other areas.

With the help of our expert VAs, we not only provide a comprehensive workstation solution for businesses, but we also proactively monitor every activity to identify and handle potential concerns. We endeavor to provide you with great commercial and corporate services and to assist you in developing a strong relationship with your market customers.

  1. 24/7 live support customer service for clients.
  2. We provide help with data mining, analysis and processing.
  3. We make sure all sensitive information is safe and secure.
  4. We cater to every businesses unique and individual requirements.
  5. We give a free consultation before you sign up for our service.

HostBangla has been in operation for ten years, and we are glad to say that we have performed over one million assignments to date. This goes a long way toward expressing the importance of high-quality, in-demand labor. We have all of the qualifications and experience you require. Furthermore, we are rather certain that we are the best applicant for this position. Furthermore, outsourcing allows you to get dedicated help while freeing up internal management time. When you outsource services, you can rest assured that they will be focused and successful in their delivery. In addition, outsourcing enables service continuity in the event of illness, vacation, or research leave.

Not only do we have experience with previous projects, but we also have people skills that would be useful in this role. We use exceptional customer service abilities to handle customer difficulties. Furthermore, we have the necessary experience and skills in the field of customer service for this position.

  1. We proceed with business objectives strategically.
  2. Increasing business growth and managing it.
  3. Access to the best talents and utilize it.
  4. It is wise to hire us as far as money is concerned.
  5. Reduce workload and focus on crucial tasks.

Have a Look in Our Excellent Virtual Assistant Service Solutions

Follow Through & Follow Up

VAs stay on top of everything. Small chores can easily slip through the cracks, but it is our responsibility to ensure that this does not happen. As a result, you can rely on our skilled virtual assistants to do your tasks successfully.

  • 1. Skilled & Highly Reliable
  • 2. Excellent Communicator
  • 3. Resourceful & Proactive
  • 4. Trustworthy & Honest

Ability To Work Under Pressure

We treat each of our virtual assistant clients as if they were the only one we had. This ensures that we never put too much strain on a single VA. As a result, they will be able to devote all of their attention, energy, and effort to your task.

  • 1. Well Disciplined
  • 2. Self - Motivated
  • 3. Self - Directed
  • 4. Quick Thinking

Great Multi-Tasking Skills

Taking on several jobs and keeping them moving ahead is probably one of the top five things our virtual assistants do. It requires organization, efficiency, and solid scheduling to be a successful virtual assistant, but it’s essential.

  • 1. Problem Solving Skills
  • 2. Resilient & Adaptable
  • 3. Confident & Organized
  • 4. Efficient & Productive

We Are Professionals In Work To Grow Your Business

As a virtual assistant service provider, we can provide a wide range of services. Depending on the type of service you're looking for, we can also group together a number of comparable services and sell them as a package. Not to mention, we charge per project or offer a monthly subscription service. If you see something that piques your curiosity, please get in touch with us right away.

FAQ For Virtual Assistant Service

Some virtual assistants undertake clerical and bookkeeping duties, while others may publish social media updates or create blog entries. Travel preparations, appointment scheduling, data entry, and online file storage may all be handled by a well-rounded virtual assistant.

It is time-based and can last anywhere from 10 to 75 hours. You’ll have a lot of freedom and support along the road to help you meet your objectives.

VAs should be able to stay focused on a variety of duties and understand how to set and meet deadlines. They should keep track of what they need to do and when they need to do it. They should be able to prioritize their work even if they are working on different projects.

 It is usually based on an hourly charge that is determined by the work’s intricacy. For more predictable workloads, there may be a flat charge, or you may be able to negotiate depending on your needs.

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