Night Shift Rent For Office Spaces In Dhaka City

We are one of the most reputable office space rental firms in Bangladesh. HostBD now offer night shift rent in addition to day shift office space. In fact, we provide capable of adapting and custom - made office space for experts who work at night. Our night shift rent office solution is perfect for you if you are a freelancer, new entrepreneur, or small business owner working with a multinational corporation. HostBD includes several options that make the night shift rent office more comfortable and secure.

The Advantages of Night Shift For Office Space

We offer beautiful night shift office space for rent to entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and remote workers. In fact, we are more than just a co-working area; we are a community of entrepreneurs who support as well as inspire one another.


Effortless Operations

Verify that you have all of the tools necessary to assist employees in performing at their best. That improves workability.


Stress Reduction

Maintaining a clean and tidy workspace allows you to relax and improves your mood while you work at mid-night.


Increased Productivity

You'll feel less overwhelmed when it is time to complete your daily responsibilities and more.

Trustworthy Service

Why Trust HostBD For Night Shift Office Rent?

We are a leading and trusted provider of night shift rent services in Bangladesh. For our office space, we cover all of Dhaka's prime locations. Furthermore, we protect the user's data and other sensitive information.

On the other hand, we provide parking for both day and night shift staff. We have a 24-hour hotline and CCTV coverage to ensure your safety. That is why we are one of most dependable organization in this industry.

Services Offered by Our Night Shift Office

However, we provide a variety of amenities for night shift employees, which helps to boost any company's productivity

High Speed Internet

You'll be able to finish your task quickly thanks to our lightning-fast internet service.

Work Desk

So, we provide complete computer setup as well as other benefits to night shift employees.

Cloud Services

HostBD offers cloud services to our customers which aid in the collection of company data.


We provide housekeeping three times per day. There is also an unlimited supply of tea and coffee.

Meeting Room

You can use our meeting rooms and night office space for maintain any types of foreign company.

Managerial Desk

Managers can monitor and manage employees from their desks using security cameras.

Other Facilities

HostBD has been in the night shift office-space business for over four decades. The HostBD platform began as a nighttime office, but today the company provides a wide range of services to Bangladeshi businesses, multinational corporations, SMEs, freelancers, consultants, and start-ups. 

1. High-Speed Wireless Internet
2. Bathroom
3. 24/7 Receptionist
4. Unrestricted tea and coffee
5. Availability of Pure Water
6. Snacks on the house

As a result, through its business centers in megacities and megacities, the company would provide night shift office spaces in the best locations in Bangladesh.

Our Goals is one of the most reputable office space rental companies in Bangladesh. In addition to the day shift office, we currently offer night shift office space in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Furthermore, we offer a variety of amenities that will help your company’s productivity.

  • Our experts assist in increasing the productivity. 
  • We are the only ones who always offer prime locations in Dhaka.
  • In addition, our nighttime office spaces are reasonably priced.
  • In fact, we provide a professional and comfortable work environment.
  • Our night shift rent contributes to the establishment of a new trend in Bangladesh.

In addition, we consider freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Let us help you expand your business.

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