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HostBangla is the most user-friendly, adaptable, and enjoyable employment background screening service available. Our strategy is adaptable! The host team strives to make procedures more successful and effective to give the greatest outcomes without compromising quality. Our professional community provides great customer service and places a premium on client happiness. By choosing HostBangla, you can rest assured that we will get it right every time, no matter where you are.

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We're a serviced office provider firm first and foremost, so creating deliciously simple user experiences is in our blood. To save you time, we make it easy to set up your account and automate numerous typical activities. Our HostBangla dashboard displays results and progress updates in a simple, mobile-optimized style, and your candidates may examine their results in the same simple, mobile-optimized format as you.

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A Better Way To Conduct Employment Background Screening


This service of an employment background screening can be easily obtained in Bangladesh at a cost-effective charge that will not put a strain on people's budgets.


With the strong service we offer, along with detailed screening of candidates, we uncover any false information about their degree, skills, or criminal history, if any.

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We are the ideal choice for all of your company needs if you are thinking about employing a service for employment background checks.

HostBangla A Better Way To Conduct Employment Background Screening

A background check may encompass a variety of services, depending on the position you're hiring for and the industry you operate in.

With our resident and pre-employment background check experience, you can easily undertake background screening for workers, volunteers, and residents. To help you limit risk and maintain compliance, use our customisable array of services to create a unique, robust solution.

HostBangla's in-house compliance experts take the guesswork out of FCRA-related concerns and keep a close eye on the regulatory landscape for changes that could impact you or your customers.

Accounting, finance, and banking; construction; staffing; IT and technology; retail; education; healthcare; and more are among the areas for which NetworkingBD provides background checks.

We make it simple for human resources teams, recruiters, and HR generalists, as well as team leads, hiring managers, department heads, and others, to do employment background checks.

You can reduce exposure, secure your reputation, and get piece of mind by incorporating regulation and legal standards into every area of our technology.

In a full screening, past occurrences will be recounted, which could provide significant insight into behavioral trends that could become an issue in the future.

According to FBI statistics, minor assaults, domestic violence, threats, harassment (including sexual harassment), stalking, and physical and/or emotional abuse are among the situations that employees/managers must deal with on a regular basis.

Your firm faces fines and continuous legal troubles if you don't have a background screening policy in place.

We Deliver Effective Service Without Compromising Standards

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Employee Background Checks & Screening Services In BD

HostBangla, as a third-party employment background screening services provider, can assist you in developing a program that is especially tailored to your company's needs. Three of the most significant advantages you'll notice right away after installing a fully integrated system are:


Improved Quality of Hiring

Outsourcing our services, the first thing you'll notice is a significant improvement in the quality of hire in your staffing operations. We ensured a safety workplace.


Advance Workplace Safety

Our employment background screening services help to drastically reduce the risk of future workplace violence. We ensured a safety workplace.


Boost Regulatory Compliance

We can assist your organization in developing a background screening solution that meets industry standards with state, and federal regulatory needs..

Pre-Employment Screening Checks And Employee Verification Services

Minimize Your Hiring Risk

Our employment background check services are designed for both domestic and international companies who are recruiting job candidates who have lived or worked in Bangladesh. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about our background check services and to create a pre-employment screening and employment compliance program that will help you reduce recruiting risk and pick the best individuals for your team.

Our reports contain high-quality data, ensuring the most accurate information possible.
A quick turnaround time allows you to make a recruiting decision sooner.
We provide expert screening recommendations based on years of industry expertise.
Minimize your hiring risk Screening Checks

Preparing Applicants For The Background Check Process In Dhaka

HostBangla is one of Bangladesh's most well-known HR-focused job background check companies. Leading worldwide and local firms in a range of industries use our employment background check services. 

FAQs For Employment Background Screening Services

HostBangla will send preliminary results and a progress report to customers in 7 to 14 business days to keep them up-to-date on the hiring process. Background check services that require responses from other third parties varies.

In Bangladesh, the Certificate of Good Conduct is exclusively issued for abroad employment or other personal and immigration reasons. Employers in Bangladesh are unable to receive a copy of the Certificate of Good Conduct from the government.

Your home is now more secure, but not entirely secure, if you lock all of your doors and windows. When you add an alarm system to the mix, your home becomes significantly more secure. So you can outsource our employment check services.

In most circumstances, results will be received within 24 to 72 hours. In some situations, the results of a county search may be delayed. Outstanding customer service should be a major deciding element, you should choose a screening business that you know will keep you updated on a regular basis.

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