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What Is Pricing And Plans For Virtual Mailing Addresses?

All Plans Included With No Additional Cost

Real BD street address

Flexible shipment scheduling

1. Manage your mail with a personal digital mailbox that you can access online or via an app.

1. Choose from a variety of carriers, ship dates, and service levels.

2. Free App for Android and iPhone

2. Shipping to an unlimited number of addresses is included, as well as $100 in insurance.

3. 24/7 digital access to all your mail items, 2 GB secure cloud storage

3. All mail and letterpacks; boxes below 1,828 cu inches (= 12x12x12 size box) are stored for 30 days.

4. View a photo from the outside of each piece of mail

4. 10 day stockpiling: boxes ranging in size from 1,728 to 4,895 cubic inches

5. Sender information for every item clearly visible

5. 5 day storage: packages with a volume of 4,896 cu inches or more (equivalent to a 24x17x12 size box)

6. Automatic email alert for new items received

6. Service for discarding mail items

7. For business, each address can have up to four recipients and one firm name.

7. Letters are gathered into a single package for forwarding.

8. Up to 5 sender names per address for personal use

8. Commercial invoice preparation