Get Flexible Coworking Office Space In Mirpur

Coworking Office Space In Mirpur

Our coworking spaces in HostBangla Bangladesh are strategically located in top business districts in Mirpur Bangladesh, so you can enjoy a premium working environment wherever you are.

 Our flexible workspace is equipped with staffed Barista Bars, meeting rooms, and a professional onsite support team for an impressive and productive workspace.

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We Are A Professional Team to Support You

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Our receptionists will answer your calls according to your preference.

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We provide wellness centers, and massage rooms.

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We have bilingual secretaries on staff to assist with ad hoc tasks.

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The NetworkingBD Community celebrates every milestone.

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We will take care of you and your dream business.

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We offer round the clock IT support and 24/7 workspace access.


The Coworking Spaces we offer are highly sought-after business addresses for businesses of all sizes and types. We offer top-notch furniture, Wi-Fi, mini-pantries with refreshments, printing facilities, phone booths, and conference rooms to support your everyday business needs.

Our Coworking Spaces can be found in some of the most renowned business addresses in Bangladesh, such as The Gateway West, Frasers Tower, Marina Bay Financial Centre, One Raffles Quay, Six Battery Road, and Ocean Financial Centre.

You can gain access to a professional office without paying upfront costs or being committed for a long time. The shared office spaces offer flexible lease terms as well as access to all the tools needed to grow their business. We also provide complimentary coffee prepared by our on-site barista when it comes to giving our Members a premium workspace experience.

The ability to work from anywhere is more important than ever in today’s rapidly evolving world of work. To meet the needs of professionals in all industries and with a variety of work styles, we strive to provide all types of flexible workspace solutions.

We also provide private offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces in addition to our coworking spaces in Bangladesh. Let us help you find your space for success.

We can arrange the entire floor of an office up to one desk. This is best for startups, corporates, and professionals needing flexible office space.

There is a dedicated concierge in the area who is a local. He knows the city intimately, will take you on a tour of the city, and will find you the most suitable location for your business.

Whenever office space becomes available that meets your needs, we’ll notify you. Don’t spend time searching, browsing, or waiting for emails. Everything will be customized.

Everything That You Need Can Get From Us!

Take The Benefits of Coworking at HostBangla

Work With Us To Find The Best Solution. You Can Easily Achieve Your Goal.

We need to be productive, presentable, and professional in today’s digital world while also being agile and mobile. The ability to work anywhere and everywhere has never been more critical to our success, and our productivity is no longer bound to four walls and a desk. Coworking spaces at the Executive Centre are geared towards today’s modern professionals. Our Community and Network offer you premium, professional, and reliable infrastructure, personnel, and assistance to support your operations, in person and remotely.

  • 01. We offer custom plans for any size team
  • 02. Affordable plans and competitive pricing
  • 03. Beautifully designed spaces and premium facilities
  • 04. Locations that are strategic and convenient
  • 05. The use of intelligent technology in digital workspaces
Benefits of Coworking at NetworkingBD

The ability to work anywhere and everywhere has never been more critical to our success, and our productivity is no longer bound to four walls and a desk.

Our Other Services That We Include

The HostBangla Coworking Space certainly offers something unique. They are places where employees thrive - a shared, communal work environment where independent professionals, freelancers, and remote workers work together. 


Wifi Service

We offer high-speed connections for you.



All communal areas are protected by CCTV cameras.


Receptionist Service

We are open from 9am - 6pm during Receptionist Service.

You Can Work And Get Help Wherever You Need!

Our global network of coworking spaces lets you work wherever business takes you. We have locations worldwide in every city and transportation hub. Get ready to working with us.


Faqs For Co-working Space in Mirpur

1. Explore first

The majority of our centres are located in grade A buildings within the CBDs of every major city we operate in. Our Coworking Space layout and design can be explored via our Virtual Tour, or you can visit our locations in person.

2. Select what to do

Select the plan you need and let us know which location is most convenient for you.

3. Confirm the result 

Please let us know the start date and duration you would like for your selected plan, and you can begin using your Coworking Space as soon as the payment is complete.

You can get 24/7 access to your selected Centre with a Dedicated Desk. With a City Pass or Global Pass, you can access every Centre in Singapore with your access card.

Our contracts range from monthly rolling up to 12-month plans; however, we often provide incentives for longer-term commitments. When checking out, choose your preferred contract term or contact a sales representative for more information.

Our team monitors and assists Members between 9am and 6pm on working days. Dedicated storage lockers are also available. During non-working hours, all external doors may only be accessed with a special access card. There are also CCTV cameras at all times. 

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