Can Virtual Addresses Be Used to Register A Business?

A virtual office space address is used to register a business can be a cost-effective solution for small firms or start-ups to retain a professional image while avoiding the exorbitant expenditures of full-time office space. If you decide to register your company as a virtual address, you may utilize a Corporate Support Platform like ours to assist you build, administer, and manage a legal, registered company address anywhere in the globe.

Let’s look at how to register your firm for virtual addresses and how it can help your business.

Key message

It is typically not feasible to use a virtual office space as a registered company address. While you can conduct your business entirely online, the state needs a physical address where it can reach you.

To put it more simply:

  1. Starting a business requires a registered address.
  2. A virtual office space is used to help a company grow.

How Can Virtual Addresses Be Used As A Registered Office?

You can specify the address connected with company creation when establishing your firm; this might be an office, your house, or a virtual address. Virtual addresses are utilized as registered offices to offer businesses with a professional address without the exorbitant expenditures of renting a physical location.

According to a recent survey- There are 45% of business owners who want to register their office by using their virtual business addresses. But it is not the easy way that they think.

A business services platform is the simplest approach to register your company for a virtual office address. We provide a number of solutions to assist you in establishing and maintaining virtual business addresses presence, including tying your firm to a real location and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

By registering a firm to one of the 3,000+ real office locations throughout the world, a Corporate Support Platform like can remove the stress and uncertainty out of the process.

Problems With Using Your Home Address To Register Your Business

Business owners who want to establish their company using their virtual business address may run into a number of issues. Some of the reasons why company owners should not- or cannot – utilize their home address as their office address are as follows:

  1. LLC and corporate advantages are no longer available.
    Virtual business addresses owner’s personal assets are protected by incorporating a limited liability company (LLC). However, if the judicial system determines that commercial and personal actions are entangled, a small company owner may forfeit the advantages of the LLC. Small business & remote office owners may find themselves personally accountable for debts, fines, and other responsibilities owed to the company.
  2. Lease and HOA laws prohibit it.
    Small company owners may not be able to use their name and address as a business location in some instances. Notably, certain flat and townhouse communities may have established laws prohibiting residents from conducting companies out of their residences, which are included into rent and community agreements. Remote offices are occasionally prohibited by HOA bylaws even in single-family home neighborhoods.
  3. Zoning rules prohibit it.
    Some towns have laws that make it difficult or impossible for virtual office space owners to run a commercial business-or specific sorts of business-from their homes. In remote addresses, incorporating business is not easy all the time. 
  4. Invasion of one’s personal space.
    Most company owners do not want their personal information to be made public. A registered operator in the state where the business will operate is required when incorporating an LLC or corporation. The incorporated agent’s address receives important documents such as legal papers, tax information, and governmental paperwork

Problems With Using Permanent Office Address To Register Your Business

Whenever you incorporate a company from your home address, the foregoing issues are eliminated by renting a permanent office location. However, utilizing a business address for business registration has its own set of problems. The following are a few of the most common:

  1. Lower margins due to higher costs.
    Permanent office space isn’t cheap to rent. Indeed, studies show that office rent and upkeep can consume up to 10% of a small business’s earnings. This may make or ruin many businesses, especially those that are just getting started.
  2. Impression of the brand.
    The cost of leasing office space in areas that provide a good first impression is usually rather high. The old adage “you get what users pay for” applies here. As a result, for many small firms, getting permanent coworking space in a place with the brand they desire is out of their financial range.
  3. The room is insufficient for customer and client meetings.
    Small firms’ permanent office locations sometimes lack enough meeting room capacity for customer and partner gatherings.

The Benefits Of Using A Virtual Office As A Registered Business Address

A virtual business address is more formal than a home address, and it is a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to typical permanent office space due to its virtual nature. Furthermore, it protects business owners’ and limited firms’ residential addresses from public company listings.

A high-end business address

You may have the distinguished company address you desire without the cost of a real office by becoming virtual. We provide remote business addresses in over 3,000 locations throughout 900 cities, allowing you to choose the place that best meets your needs. This is especially advantageous for businesses wanting to enter new markets.

Reception and administration

Because your virtual office space is tied to a genuine street location, you can be certain that a receptionist will be on hand to meet and direct any visitors. This keeps your business looking professional and ensures you don’t miss out on any prospective customers.



Flexibility is also important for your  employees. According to the 2020 Buffer ‘State of Remote Work,’ 99 percent of individuals would prefer to work remotely at least part of the time for the remainder of their lives.


You’ll be able to network and connect with other like-minded people and enterprises to help expand your business and uncover new prospects if you choose a remote office space with access to a workplace when you need it. Including over 2,500 business centers equipped with excellent wifi, you can work from anywhere in the world to keep your business growing.


Remote work plans are affordable and begin with a one-month commitment, with the flexibility to extend, amend, or upgrade as your needs evolve. You may take advantage of variable pricing as your company develops and is more established, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Summing Up

You can post your legal requirement for help in using virtual business addresses as a registered company location on our marketplace. Only the top 5% of lawyers are accepted onto the platform. Lawyers on our team have graduated from Harvard Law School and Yale Law School, and have an average of 14th years of court experience. If you need our virtual addresses and Business incorporation services contact us today.