1. THE PARTIES. This Short-Term Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) made on ____________________, 20____ between the following:

TENANT: ____________________, with a mailing address of ________________________________________ (“Tenant”), and

LANDLORD: ____________________, with a mailing address of ________________________________________ (“Landlord”).

2. THE PREMISES. The Tenants agrees to lease from the Landlord and the Owner agrees to rent the following property to the Tenant:

  1. Mailing Address: ________________________________________.
  2. Residence Type: Apartment House Condo Other: ________
  3. Bedroom(s): ____
  4. Bathroom(s): ____
  5. Other: ________________________________________.
    Hereinafter known as the “Premises.”

3. RENT TERM. Under the provisions of this Agreement, the Tenant will have access to the Building for the given time period: (check one)

Fixed Term. The Tenant shall be allowed to occupy the Premises starting ____________________, 20____ at ____:____ AM PM and ending ____________________, 20____ at ____:____ AM PM (“Lease Term”).

Month-to-Month Lease. Starting on, the Tenant will be permitted to use the Property on a month-to-month basis.____________________, 20____, and ending upon notice of ____ days from either Party to the other Party.

4. QUIET HOURS. The Landlord requires: (check one)

No Quiet Hours. There are no quiet hours.

Quiet Hours. Quiet hours begin at ____:____ AM PM

5. OCCUPANTS. During the Lease Term, a total of a total of a total of a total of a total of a total of a total of a total of a total of a total of ____ guests.

If the Landlord discovers more than the approved number of visitors specified above on the Property, this Agreement will be terminated.

6. RENT. The Tenant shall pay the Landlord:

Fixed Amount. The Tenant shall be required to pay the Landlord dollar___________ for the Lease Term (“Rent”). The lease is due to late this agreement is signed.

Monthly Amount. The Tenant shall be required to pay the Landlord dollar___________ in equal monthly installments for the Lease Term (“Rent”) and due on the ____ of each month under the following instructions: __________________________________________________________.The first month’s rent is due to late this Agreement is signed.

7. UTILITIES. Except for the following, the Landlord is liable for all services and amenities to the Premises. _____________________________

8. SECURITY DEPOSIT. The Tenant shall be obligated to pay the following amounts upon the execution of this Agreement: (check one)

No Security Deposit: There really is no deposit needed for this Agreement’s security. 

Security Deposit: Dollars__________

9. PETS. The Landlord: (check one)

Does Not Allow Pets: There are no pets allowed on the Premises. This Agreement, as well as any Security Deposit, will be forfeited if the Tenant is discovered to be having animals on the premises.

Allows Pets: The Tenant shall have the right to have ____ pet(s) on the Premises with a maximum limit of ____ pounds per pet. The Owner shall charge a fee of $100 for the right to have a pet(s) on the Premises.dollar___________ that is non-refundable refundable unless there are damages related to the pet.

10. PARKING. The Landlord: (check one)

Shall provide ____ parking space(s) to the Tenant for a fee of dollars_____ to be paid at the execution of this Agreement on a monthly basis in addition to the rent. The parking space(s) are described as: [DESCRIBE PARKING SPACES]

Shall NOT provide parking

11. FEES. The Landlord requires the Tenant pays the following fees at the execution of this Agreement: (check all that apply)

Cleaning Fee: Dollar___________

Taxes: Dollar___________

Other. _____________________________________ D___________

Other. _____________________________________ D___________

12. PARTY CLEANUP. If the Premises qualify for a “deep clean” as a result of the amount of “wear and tear” caused by a party or huge crowd will be charged, a fee of dollar___________ shall be charged at the end of the Lease Term. The Party Cleanup Fee may be deducted from the Security Deposit.

13. SMOKING POLICY. Smoking is prohibited on the premises.: (check one)


Permitted ONLY in the following areas: ________________________


14. PERSON OF CONTACT. The Landlord: (check one)

Does the property have a management that can be reached for any upkeep or repairs?

Agent/Manager’s Name: ____________________

Telephone: (____) ____-_______

E-Mail: ____________________

Even though the Landlords can be reached for just any emergency, upkeep, or repair at the property, and does not have an advisor on the premises. 

Landlord’s Name: ____________________

Telephone: (____) ____-_______

E-Mail: ____________________

15. SUBLETTING. The Tenant: (check one)

16. MOVE-IN INSPECTION. Before, at the time of the Tenant accepting possession, or shortly thereafter, the Landlord and Tenant shall: (check one)

Inspect the Premises and write any present damages or needed repairs on a move-in checklist.

Shall not inspect the Premises or complete a move-in checklist

17. INSPECTION. According to State legislation, the Tenant has the right to check the Properties with prior notice. Should the Tenant violate any of the terms of this Agreement, the rental period shall be terminated immediately in accordance with State law.

18. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS.———————————————- 

19. TRASH..——————————————————————

20. QUIET ENJOYMENT. ———————————————————

21. LANDLORD’S LIABILITY. —————————————————–

22. ATTORNEY’S FEES. ——————————————————-

23. USE OF PREMISES.—————————————————–

24. ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. ——————————————————-

25. POSSESSIONS. ————————————————————
26. GOVERNING LAW. —————————————————–