5 Rental Concerns And How Co-living Provide The Ultimate Solution

Co-living space is a hot topic in which many people live in one area and share the available amenities. It has recently become a significant trend in Indian metropolises, owing primarily to the large influx of professionals. It is a recent idea in which residents with similar interests, motives, and value systems share a housing facility.

The technology-driven approach taken by co-living players provides community living an advantage over the standard way of life. Furthermore, co-living space solves many of the issues that younger generation and digital nomadic tribes face.

Co-living spaces are becoming increasingly common: according to Deskmag, the global market for co-living spaces grew ten – fold between 2010 and 2020, with available spaces increasing from around 1,50000 to 1000,300.

We will discuss here the challenges about getting a living space and how to solve them by taking shared living spaces.

Shared Space Challenges And Solution

1. Affordability and Budget
The cost estimate is one of the most significant rental challenges you will face when moving to a new city. As you are now on your own, residing outside your home should be considered the safest option. You should not only create a budget, but also stick to it if you do not want to overspend on luxury items and prioritize the necessities. One of those essentials is finding a shared living space to stay. However, finding the ideal place to live may not always be affordable. If you don’t believe us, consider living near your place of work in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, or Bashundhara.
Solution: However, coliving in such urban centers can be a safer bet in the face of such rental challenges. Co-living spaces undoubtedly provide premium facilities at an attractive cost, allowing you to save thousands of dollars each year. Our shared living spaces with low prices and you can get them easily.

Key Points

  1. There will be no lengthy lease contract or security deposit with Flexible co-living space.
  2. They provide fully-furnished residences with contemporary interiors, kitchen appliances, and electronics.
  3. Shared living space provides high-tech home methods like– climate comfort, enhanced security, gadgets and entertainment devices.

2. Situation

Moving to the new city entails relocating to a completely new location, which can be costly. When you relocate to a new place for a new job, you will undoubtedly want to live close to your workplace. This makes commuting easier and can even save you money. And, believe us, if you live a long distance away from your workplace, you would not want to experience long heavy traffic during peak hours! As a result, location is one of the most difficult rental obstacles for any newcomer. Furthermore, if you want to live close to your place of work, you may have a difficult time finding a reasonable short-rental space.

Solution: Coliving, such as the previous problems of availability, can undoubtedly assist you if you are searching living in strategic places. Coliving homes are typically located near busy areas, such as large corporate office spaces and IT parks. Our Co-living spaces are located at the top class areas of Dhaka city.


The Major Obstacles To Home Ownership



Making a down payment


Mortgage Qualification




Job Security


Not In a position to settle down


Not enough houses for sale




None of these


3. Access to Basic Amenities

Though today’s best areas in Dhaka, such as Gulshan, Banani, Bashundhara, & Uttara, offer a variety of rentals available, they do not include all necessary amenities. Even if their lease is low, they may lack basic amenities.

And, if you decide to move to the new city, you will undoubtedly seek a low-cost home with all essential amenities. As a result, the availability of basic facilities becomes one of your major rental challenges in cities such as Gulshan, Banani, and Bashundhara.

Solution: However, by selecting coliving as one’s favored rental alternative, you can easily avoid such rental challenges. Coliving housing is specially developed to serve the needs of all millennials, with interior decoration and amenities such as food, gymnasiums, spas, cinema spaces, and all the other amenities that any regular employee could ever want. Our shared living spaces have much more resources.

4. The most important concern is safety.

Safety is another essential aspect to consider when moving to the new city outside of your hometown, and it is one of the major renting challenges in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, and Bashundhara Co-living space.

Solution: While local property owners and brokers cannot guarantee you a safe home, Coliving homes can. These come with advanced safety features and a tech-enabled lock system that makes you feel safer. Furthermore, some co-living spaces are specifically designed for female residents so that they can feel safe in their work cities. Our shared living spaces are highly protected and secure.

5. Concern about your roommate.

Finding a perfect roommate is one of the most difficult rental challenges because you cannot change your space every moment you end up with an unfavorable roommate.

Solution: However, Coliving is a principle work on the premise of communal living, which aids in avoiding rental issues such as finding a perfect roommate. Some key players in the shared living  sector even allow you to select a roommate who shares your interests.

Choosing to live outside of your hometown can be a significant step in your life that can either positively or negatively disrupt your life. However, given the aforementioned rental challenges, Coliving appears to be a safer bet for finding good, easy housing options with excellent facilities in the country’s major cities.


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