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A Lease Agreement is a written agreement between a landlord and a tenant outlining the terms and conditions of rental property. A commercial lease is tailored to renters who intend to use the property for industrial or residential purposes, depending on the type of property being leased. However, some contracts are so detailed that it sometimes turns away potential tenants. Making it simple is the solution. As a result, putting it on a single page makes it not only simpler to read but also more acceptable to those involved.

The name of the parties, The subject property to be leased, The period of the lease, the amount, the purpose of the lease and its restrictions are all included in this one page lease agreement template. Save your time by  using this Lease Agreement template for your business.


This Agreement is made by and between:

Landlord/Lessor                                                                             Tenant/Lessee

Satil Islam                                                                                        Mrs. Sonali Akhter

The Landowner hereby agrees to lease the property situated in:

12th Street, Block-C, Bashundhara, Dhaka

The lease period shall be for 1 year, beginning Thursday, August 23, 2022 and shall end and may be renewable 1 year thereafter, on the agreed amount of 50,000 Taka to be paid monthly and the amount of  30000 to be paid upon the execution of this Agreement.

  1. Use of Property
    The leased property can only be used for residential purposes.
  2. Utilities
    The Renter agrees to pay for utilities and other facilities used in the property for the duration of the lease.
  3. Furnishings
    The mentioned property furnishings are included in the leased premises: an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, a gas stove, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a fully automatic washing machine, and a telephone. The tenant is responsible for all damages and repairs.
  4. Acknowledgment
    The parties hereby recognize and comprehend the terms of this Agreement.

Signed On the 20 July 2022

Landlord/Lessor                                                                             Tenant/Lessee


_________________                                                                                        _________________