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Short Term Rentals: Can Save Your Time And Money

In today’s world, apartments are mostly the rage. Due to the lack of space in most cities, these short term rental services apartments are the greatest option.    We’ll also provide you with all of the data you need to decide what’s best for you. Due to a scarcity of space  in Bangladesh major cities, studio apartments have become increasingly popular. Large residential projects cannot be built in areas like Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Bashundhara due to a lack of space.

According to ANAROCK data, the growth pattern of studio apartments appears to have shifted for the first time in 7 years, as only 300 projects out of 884 launched in 2021 throughout the country’s top areas, accounting for 15% of all projects.

Key Points

  1. For many people, renting a studio flat is a suitable option because it allows them to pay less rent.
  2. In addition to lower short term vacation rentals, studio apartments may also have lower utility bills.
  3. Studio flat space with short term rental services are typically found in apartment buildings in handy locations with decent transportation options.

Configuration Of A Studio Apartment

A living room, a sleep area, a cooking space, and a washroom are all included in a short term vacation rental studio flat. When you have visitors, some even have partial barriers to create a separation and provide you privacy.

Sizes Of Studio Apartment

What is the standard size of a short term Rental studio apartment? These are based on the concept of efficient use of space. As a result, they usually have only the bare minimum of obstacles in the form of barriers and space delimitation. The majority of studio flats have had an open floor design. This, however, may differ depending on location or neighborhood. The normal size ranges between 250 and 700 square feet, based on the developer, location, and a variety of other criteria.

Differences Between A Studio And A One-Bedroom Apartment

If you’re planning to live alone with your significant other, a smaller space may be preferable. You have two possibilities for this: a one-bedroom apartment or a studio apartment. The difference is that a 1-bedroom apartment has rooms separated by walls, implying that the spaces have a separate existence, but a studio dwelling does not.

Importance: Rent prices had achieved a 5% to 6% increase rate in our previous study last summer, and are currently approaching 15%.

How Do You Define Space In A Studio Apartment?

One of the most difficult aspects of living in a short term vacation rentals studio apartment is making additional space and separating different regions. Here are a few simple ideas to help you solve this problem.

  1. Curtains for room dividers
    These come in a range of colors and patterns, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that complements your decor. Installing room divider drapes is a simple way to divide the studio flat space in your home.
  2. Sliding glass doors
    This is a beautiful way to add additional Short term vacation rentals studio apartment space to your home while still giving you a feeling of seclusion. They don’t take up nearly as much room as normal doors.
  3. Shelves that go all the way to the ceiling
    This is perhaps the most workable option if you require some storage space as well as seclusion. These bookshelves can also add a touch of pizazz to your Short term vacation rentals living room.
  4. Screens made of glass or wood
    A glass or wooden screen can visually divide your short term vacation rentals studio flat space while yet allowing light to pass through.


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Benefits Of Using A Short Term Rental Studio Apartment

Despite their modest size, we offer numerous advantages to people who want to rent or own one. These are just some of the advantages of renting a studio apartment.

  1. They take up little room.
    Studio flats are better suited for single people who want to maximize their living space due to their effective use of short term rental services space.
  2. They use less energy and produce less waste.
    Studio apartments use less water and power, resulting in lower electricity and water expenditures in the studio area.
  3. Reasonably priced.
    In comparison to other sorts of setups, the short term rental services are usually lower, making them more reasonable.
  4. Convenient Location.
    These studio flats are usually in the heart of the city. They have direct access to the city’s major roads because they are adjacent to all of the key centers.
  5. Requires minimal upkeep.
    They are hassle-free because they do not necessitate a lot of care and upkeep.
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Limitations Of Using A Studio apartment

Short term vacation rentals studio apartments provide a lot of advantages, and they also have some disadvantages. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing one.

  1. Studio apartments are unsuitable for large families.
  2. Limited space with no apparent room boundaries.
  3. Will necessitate greater storage space.
  4. Inadequacy of privacy, which might be mitigated by using the above-mentioned demarcations.

Who Should Rent A Studio Apartment?

Studio flats are in high demand among tenants and buyers alike. They’re perfect for working single professionals or those who like to be alone. Small families seeking a low-cost home may want to explore one of these. As a rental property, it’s also a wonderful investment. It can yield significant profits and is a worthwhile investment in Dhaka city areas  like Gulshan, Uttara, Banani and Bashundhara.


Short term rental studio apartments can be a nice solution for nuclear families to have all they need in a small space, and with the right layout and design, they can make your home gorgeous, wonderful, and cozy. So, yes, it could be a good alternative for you, me, and anyone else who lives in a big city and wants to save money. If you need coworking, serviced office and shared office short term rental services contact us.