Check Educational Qualifications: A Crucial Step In Investigating

Looking for a background check business that specializes in education? Education verification for employment should be an important part of your pre-hiring screening procedure. Professional educational background check services may assist you ensure that a candidate holds the necessary certificate, diploma, degree, or other educational qualifications. We are the best verified education background providers in Bangladesh.

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The Importance Of Education Verification For Employment

Before you employ, conduct an Education Verification check to ensure that a candidate’s claims about their education, degree, training, or certifications are accurate and to identify any potential anomalies. This service, also known as an Education Background Check or an Educational Check, is used to verify education background at high schools, universities, colleges, and vocational institutions.

Educational background checks assist you in the following ways:

  1. Quickly hire talented, educated people
  2. Reduce the chance of employing a candidate with forged credentials.
  3. Defend your company against liability claims.
  4. Adhere to all applicable federal, state, municipal, and industry requirements.

The Key Facts To  Verify Education Background

However, education is a significant factor in recruiting for most sorts of jobs. When deciding amongst many applicants, the sort of degree or certificate acquired, as well as the educational institution attended, might make a difference. One of the reasons why a comprehensive education verification for employment is so important is because of this. A complete verify education background: If you really need to confirm a teaching credential or other qualifications, a thorough verification:

  1. Education verification check that an applicant received the academic certificate, diploma, or degree that was claimed.
  2. Outsources labor-intensive screening chores to a team of experienced investigators, saving time and money in the recruiting process.
  3. Educational background check certificates from foreign educational institutes.
  4. Verify education background discloses forged certificates gained from degree mills and other dubious sources.
  5. Verifying an education background offers better experiences for job seekers by letting them know what to expect during the confirmation process.
  6. Education history background check reduces the likelihood of expensive mistakes that result in poor hiring.

One of the easiest approaches for decreasing the risks associated by bad recruiting decisions is to work with a professional source of academic credential and degree verification.

Why Do Companies Need Employee Degree Verification?

Although some firms consider education history background checks less crucial than criminal and credit background checks, the FBI reports that education history is the second most prevalent falsification on resumes and job applications.

Failure to spot academic puffery may not appear to be a risky conduct, especially when contrasted to more serious activities like employing a dangerous person who subsequently commits workplace violence. Nonetheless, doing a complete education verification check is critical for a variety of reasons.

Some occupations categorized as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) legally require to have advance, professional, or special education. If the FLSA challenges the exemption, the employer must be able to show that the employee has the necessary qualifications.

Bottom Line

  1. Verification of education ensures that candidates meet the minimum requirements.
  2. The education background check verifies that the material is understood.
  3. Integrity is confirmed through education verification.

The Educational Background Check Procedure

By confirming the information offered by possible applicants, we assist you in making educated hiring decisions. Hiring the wrong person may be an expensive mistake. A background check with an education verification check assists you in hiring the best person for the position straight away. The verify education background procedure is as follows:

  1. The educational institution’s name
  2. Dates of attendance
  3. Subjects of study 
  4. Diploma or degree award date
  5. If indeed the applicant did not finish a program, the number of credit hours acquired.
  6. Awards associated with the certification, certificate, or degree received

Our investigators will need the candidate’s full name, date of birth, and Social Security number in order to conduct a thorough verification check. In addition, we make use of data.

Education Verifications: How Far Back Do They Go?

All claims of post-high school education are confirmed in a regular job background check. The amount of time covered in education verification check results varies depending on the person you’re verifying. The length of degree verifications is ultimately determined by how long the applicant was a student at the academic institution and when the degrees or certifications were issued.

The Reason For Choosing Us To Verify Education Background?

  1. Our education background check has years of expertise validating not just an applicant’s enrollment, attending, and/or graduating dates, but also the degree and/or accreditation received at a specific school. 
  2. Our education verification check can provide findings in as little as 48 hours thanks to our comprehensive, extremely precise checking method. We also provide coworking, survished office spaces.
  3. Degree verification ensuring that your staff match the standards might become a matter of business survival when your company’s brand or product quality is based on their specialist expertise.
  4. Our education history background check services committed to giving you the most up-to-date information on the job applicants you’re evaluating.
  5. Education history background check services can feel that in order to have complete confidence in the individual you’re interviewing, you need all of the confirmed information regarding their educational achievements.


For individuals who are unfamiliar with the procedure or have never done one before, education background checks can be challenging and time-consuming. Working with a background check firm like can take away the hassle, expedite the procedure, and save you time so you can receive the confidence you need that your prospects have the education credentials they claim.

If you need professional background screening services, contact us today.