Rent Coliving spaces and share living in Bangladesh

 A Case Study On Shared Living Space

Coliving can mean many different things to various people. For many employees, it is an opportunity to expand their networking skills or participate in team-building activities in a new setting. Coliving spaces took on a more intimate tone for some. It might be an opportunity to restore balance to a hectic work schedule or a chance to foster new relationships by sharing. Our short term rental shared living space is the best in Dhaka.

According to a poll, 70 % of people may live in the cities by 2050. For many people, co-living could be a viable and reasonable housing alternative.

Survey Research

We ran a survey to learn more about young people’s perspectives and concerns about coliving.

A total of 36 surveys were sent out to participants aged 18 to 37, with the scenario that they were renting a home. The bulk of respondents (86 percent) are between the ages of 18 and 22. The age group 23–27 accounts for 11%.

Price is the main issue for Dhaka youth when leasing a short term rental living space, accounting for 32 percent of the total. Following that are convenience and security.

When asked if they would probably short term rent a co-living place, 52.8 percent said “no,” while 47.2 percent said “yes.” We also inquired about their motives for doing so, which are depicted in the graphs below.

Coliving Survey Research

The Facing Problem Today

Housing becomes more expensive as cities get larger, and spaces become smaller. These developments make coliving spaces, which entails sharing a larger area with a wider number of people and sharing facilities, even more appealing. Companies like The Cooperative, Common, and Live already are cashing in on the trend by creating big communities with personal living areas and shared common areas.

Renting Shared Space

Focus Point:

  1. There are no long-term lease agreements or security deposits with coliving spaces.
  2. Coliving spaces included completely furnished flats with contemporary décor, kitchen appliances, and gadgets.
  3. he shared living space features high-tech housing systems, such as climate control, superior security, and entertainment gadgets and devices.

A Flexible Solution

Although there are numerous myths and social barriers that remain today, there are many other advantages to adopting this lifestyle, if you’re the owner of the home or the one seeking the service.

  1. Flexibility:
    People who prefer to live in co-living typically do so for a short amount of time; as a result, those that provide these services handle short term rental contracts with 30-day cancellation policies and no requirement for a guarantor. You’ll have more contract flexibility, mobility, and lifestyle options this way.
  2. Available Rooms:
    The houses and flats where the bedrooms are short term rental contain what you need inside a house, including kitchen supplies, kitchen equipment, public amenities, and a bed and closet space. They are frequently residential units with access to a swimming pool, parking, a gym, tennis courts, and green spaces.
  3. Independence:
    It will be much simpler to embrace this manner of life if you have all you need for your life, have clear cohabitation norms, and live with others who share your aspirations of trying to live freely or who are currently fully responsible for themselves.
  4. Reduction Of Environmental Impact:
    Today, we are in the middle of a severe environmental crisis, in which global warming worsens, energy consumption rises, and the use of fossil fuels does even more harm; as a result, Co-living emerges as a viable option to existence with a good environmental impact.
  5. Profitability As An Owner:
  6. If you own a home and are considering renting it, shared living spaces may be a possibility for you. You can improve your monthly profits by short term renting out individual rooms rather than the entire space. It is vital to comprehend that these will only be available during non-holiday seasons, i.e. not for one evening or one week, but for up to six months.
Final Word

Anybody can lease coliving spaces as long as they can manage it, but it’s proven especially popular with Millennials, the biggest consumer population and a group for which owning a home is a pipe dream. If you work for a multinational corporation and need to move to Dhaka for 2 months because of whatever reason, renting serviced office or shared living spaces on a weekly basis is simple.