Pros And Cons Of Coworking Office Spaces

Mega Pros: 
  1. Have fun and easily expand your individual and commercial/shared office space networks.
  2. Increase your productivity by associating yourselves with those who are hard at work.
  3. Reduce your sense of loneliness as a freelancer or small business owner.
  4. A stronger sense of belonging and trust among colleagues.
  5. Lower the cost of basic office overheads such as internet and printers.
  6. Look for innovative ways to work on initiatives that are too huge for your own company.
  7. Operate at a high-quality office or location that is ordinarily out of your price range.
  8. Greater mobility and freedom from long-term leases.
  9. Take in fresh ideas from businesses that aren’t generally in your community.
  1. If you spend more time on telephone calls, some coworking spaces don’t provide areas or locations for private calls.
  2. Feeling insecure if you’re working on something classified or limited in any manner. You may need to hire a screen guard to reduce the possibility of someone strolling by and seeing what’s on your screen, and your phone call choices may be constrained.
  3. Typically more costly than working from home. Expenses for specialized equipment or machines.
  4. There’s also a travel time involved. It may be a quicker commute than heading into the workplace, but it is still a commute.
  5. People who are not doing what you do or who do not operate in the same industry or organization as you might be distracting.

Essential Services In Serviced Office Spaces

While renting office spaces – coworking space, office space for rent, or shared office space near you, there are a few services that are a must. You need to look out for those services to ensure the smooth running of your business! These services are listed below: 

  1. Cleaning And Maintenance Services
  2. Security Services and Staff
  3. Food Catering Services
  4. CCTV, Backup Generators, and Fire Alarms
  5. Furniture Set Up
  6. Internet And Wifi Connection
  7. Mailing Facilties
  8. Meeting Rooms

Things To Look Out For While Renting Office Space 

  1. Location: The most crucial aspect of having a decent workplace is its location. It is critical to consider location when searching for a commercial space because it will appear on your business cards and on your company’s website.
  2. Rate: When choosing an office space, it is equally crucial to consider the property’s cost. You should select the ideal office building for your needs while maintaining your budget consideration.
  3. Suitability: Take into account the volume of your company and the number of staff before deciding on a commercial space.
  4. Architecture and Style: Your workplace must be well-furnished and appealing to your clients. It should have a professional and respectable appearance.
  5. Parking: When choosing an office location, consider the parking facilities. You must choose an office location that has adequate parking for the comfort of the staff.

Types Of Office Spaces For Rent

Besides the common types of office space for lease available in Bangladesh, we also have many other available, office spaces that can also be customized to match your requirements and can be customized to your entity structure, schedule, and employee count! The common ones are: 

  1. Furnished Office Space
  2. Serviced Office Spaces
  3. Short Term/Short Rentals/small office space for rent near you 
  4. Daily-Payment Based Office Spaces
  5. Coworking office spaces for rent/coworking space near you
  6. Unfurnished Office Space
  7. Virtual office space

Types Of Offices And Their Growth Rate In Bangladesh

Serviced Office Space68% Higher From Last year
Coworking Office Spaces45% Higher From Last year
Temporary Office spaces32% Higher From Last Year
Virtual Office Spaces27% Higher from last year
Unfurnished Office Spaces16% Higher Higher From Last Year
Daily Rental Office Spaces10% Higher From Last year

Issues With Shared Office Space

While looking for office space for rent near you, you might find a few issues with renting and negottaiton, in order to terminate that issue, we highly suggest you hire a good office space renting consultancy service provider in Bangladesh! Host Bangladesh can be a good match for your needs, our team can help you find the ideal office space/business space for rent within budget! 

The common issues are

Negotiation: Every leasing agreement is different, and must be adjusted to the local market circumstances as well as the parties’ specific circumstances, wants, and aspirations.

Terms and Conditions: The only concern you should have is finding a qualified estate agent to handle them. They can smartly negotiate and handle the terms making ti easy for you. There’s no good reason not to employ one.

Types Of Background Screening Service

Background Screening Services are a top-notch service investment, they provide maximum security and help bring in productive employees and staff. Here are the common backgroun screening services: 

  1. Criminal Checks
  2. Identity Verification
  3. Address Verification
  4. Educational Background Check
  5. Employment Check
  6. Drug Tests

Finalizing The Thoughts

It’s important to realize the importance of a 3rd party service while planning to rent an office space in Bangladesh, they can help you in several different ways. Instead of focusing on general things, you should focus on getting a good real estate consultancy service provider. Even the most fundamental things, such as rent, lease length, yearly increases, choices, and so on, would become so nonspecific that this would be useless.