Despite a slow but steady return to offices, the world is steadily returning to work in them. We may still see the office space world evolve as we know it. The way in which people use work spaces is changing over time, depending on the people and the times.

There might have been a few years of acceleration in habits and trends due to the pandemic. The purpose of this article is to discuss what office spaces will look like in the future.

In the office space segment, global real-estate consultancy firm Colliers expects demand to rise 15-20 percent year-on-year in 2022 as there is a great deal of appetite, the firm said on Monday.

Trends In Office Spaces

Accounting firms, legal firms, and financial advisers locate in downtowns not only for their image, but also for access to public institutions from which they draw a portion of their business. Corporate headquarters and other business are attract to vibrant downtowns for reasons related to talent attraction. They believe that locating downtown will enable them to compete better with young, skill professionals that are looking for more walkable, amenity-rich locations in which to work and live.

An Analysis of Future Office Space Demand

Demand for office space is influence primarily by the growth or decline of office base jobs. To project future office work space demand, the occupied coworking office ratio (in square feet) to the employment rate can be used. Multiplying this ratio by the project employment growth for each year gives an indication of demand base on employment growth. If the data is available, this ratio should be calculate separately for each significant industry sector in a community. This will account for different office needs for different types of business. The best way to assess future workspace office needs will be to apply this ratio to industries that drive demand.

Covid-19: How Will It Change Demand for Office Space?

Taking part in COVID-19 has focus minds on what the office is for and how important it should be in corporate strategies and budgets, as well as making the strengths and limitations of home base offices evident.

How will Organizations Design Their Office Space?

It is now apparent that companies could do with less office space. However, they may have also realize that they also need a better, more resilient work space. “This crisis is likely to intensify the need for modern, flexible office space with lots of services,” says Meyer. “The buildings that will be hurt are the older ones that tenants no longer want. It’s just the wrong product.”

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