Rent A Serviced Office! This Article Is Beneficial For You

A serviced office is a furnished and fully equipped office space that is rented on a per-use basis. Is being rented out to small and large organizations in need of office space.

What Is A Serviced Office?

Executive offices, managed offices, and business centers are all terms for serviced offices. Managed business office companies are responsible for maintaining the facilities and welcoming businesses.

In a serviced office, you rent both the space and the provider’s services. All of the items that an office requires were available in a business office.

Business owners will always want their own identity. It’s better to take a longer lease from a traditional landlord, which is 30-40% cheaper than to pay retail to a middleman.

Serviced Offices: Who Uses Them?

Business offices are available to anyone who requires them. New start-ups, professionals, and anybody else who wants the flexibility and convenience of a  office typically use them.

Serviced offices are particularly popular with start-up businesses, as they may find it difficult to afford furniture, a receptionist, kitchen utilities, and all of the other costs associated with constructing usable office space.

Focus Points:

  1. Businesses only pay for the amount of space they require. This company will not have to do any additional work in order to relocate.
  2. Research indicates that 48% of 18- to 29-year-olds are interested in hybrid work, where they work remotely for two or three days a week and work in the office the rest of the time.
  3. In a survey conducted in March 2021, 67 % of remote workers felt alienated from their coworkers, with 49% saying that this negatively affected how they perceived their job.

The Following Are Typical Features Of Serviced Offices

Fully Furnished Space: Employment offices are always fully furnished and ready for use right away.

Wi-Fi And Landline: A Wi-Fi contract is included with business offices. Internet and landline services are free of charge.

Office Equipment: Serviced offices come with all of the essential office equipment that your employees will require. A printer, photocopier, and other office technologies are included in this category.

Onsite Workers: Your main office building’s main entrance is likely to have staff present for both security and assistance if you need it.



Difference Between Business Office And Coworking Office



Coworking Office

Serviced Office

1. Most coworking spaces also have community-building programs, such as networking gatherings and socials.

1. Lease terms are shorter than those of standard office leases.

2. You have complete freedom to come and go as you wish.

2. Administrative assistance is available.

3. Coworking spaces are intended to be social and collaborative environments.

3. A private meeting room for clients and meetings.

The Benefits Of A Serviced Office

  1. A member of the administrative team at a business office As the name implies, employment offices provide access to a variety of services.
  2. Our members can also provide administrative support, both in person and electronically, to match your needs and serve as an extension of your team.
  3. Serviced office users can also use our top-of-the-line IT services for the inevitable queries and difficulties that come with technology.
  4. Every site has a team of IT professionals who are easily available, competent, and skilled and can help you in person or remotely.

All of these convenient features are included in a flexible contract that allows you to adjust as your company grows and expands.

The Drawbacks Of Serviced Office

Long-term renting prices are higher. The monthly rent per square foot for a serviced office is generally greater than a standard commercial lease based only on the footprint. This is because business offices come with — well, services, as well as the long-term commitment that regular office leases entail.

The Issue With Your Flatmate

Multiple tenants are common in serviced offices. Larger tenants will frequently hire entire floors or buildings, as well as a suite of conference rooms. It’s important to know who else is in the building if you’re sharing toilets, break rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, or parking spaces.

Access To A Meeting Room

One of the most often asked questions we get is about how shared conference rooms at Serviced Offices are scheduled. Most business Offices feature an online booking system and charge a nominal fee for use to ensure meeting rooms are available when needed.

Wrapping Up

The commercial world is moving at a breakneck pace. As a result, the way work is done changes as well. When choosing an office provider, keep in mind that you want a company that can assist you to achieve your goals and objectives.

We are also available to assist you. Serviced office space is something we offer. You can contact us if you have any questions about these topics