Cheap Studio Apartment In Dhaka: Everything You Need To Know

During the last two decades, studio flats have grown quite popular in Bangladesh. People look for studio flats in Dhaka, Chittagong, and other cities where space constraints prevent huge residential areas from being built.

A cheap studio apartment layout is designed to make the most of a small space by carving out at least one bedroom and living space, small kitchen table, and a bathing space.

Bangladesh is a growing economical country in South Asia. A study shows that increasing renting apartment 50% last 5 years In Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Size & Cost Of A Studio Apartments

While the size of a standard studio apartment for rent varies by location, renters could expect to find anything between 400 and 600 square feet. Studio flats are normally best for a single person due to their modest size; however, bigger studios as well as those with an L-shaped layout may be suitable for a couple.

The cost of owning a studio is proportionate to its size; small studios are often among the most cost-effective single living options. They are, however, not always smaller or less costly than other possibilities. A studio flat to rent in the city center or in a good location might cost up to TK 1 crore. A studio flat in a new location may cost up to Tk 25 lakh. Before signing a lease, do some research on the typical real estate expenses in your region.

Who Should Think About A Studio Apartment?

Studio  flats are popular among renters and property purchasers because they are ideal for single working professionals or persons who choose to live alone. Due to a lack of cash, tiny families may be forced to live in studio flats. If you’re searching for a good rental return, studio flats are a good option. Cheap Studio flats for rent may be considered an investment in places such as Dhaka, Chittagong, and others since they yield significant returns.

Studio Apartment Vs 1BHK

Although the phrases studio apartment and one bedroom apartment have different meanings, most people use them interchangeably. The difference between a studio flat and a one-bedroom apartment is explained. 

A room, small kitchen table, a hall area, and a bathroom are all included in 1BHK homes, and each is well-delineated. 

The term “studio flat” refers to an apartment that is essentially one huge room with the occupant having to assign space for just about everything within that enormous area.

The Benefits Of Living In A Studio Apartment

Studio flats for rent are typically modest, yet they provide various advantages to both owners and tenants. We also provide coworking space, Remote Space & Branch office, Liaison office. These are the benefits:

  1. Studio flats to rent are the ideal option for singles since they are the most space-efficient.
  2. When compared to alternative arrangements, studio flats to rent are cheaper.
  3. When compared to other types of apartments, the rent for a studio  flat is generally lower.
  4. Studio flats to rent  are typically found in central places with great connections.
  5. Studio flats demand far less and very less maintenance.
  6. Electric bills are generally cheaper in studio flats since energy usage is lower.

Drawbacks Of A Studio Apartment 

While cheap studio apartments for rent are fashionable and provide several advantages, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. The following considerations should be made:

  1. The studio flats to rent are not well suited to larger families.
  2. Studio flats have a restricted amount of space and no distinct boundaries inside the property.
  3. There is insufficient storage space in the studio units.
  4. In the event that a visitor arrives, there is a privacy issue in a cheap studio flat.

Studio Apartments In Around the world

What is referred to as a studio flat in Dhaka is referred to by various names across the world. Here’s a rundown:


Other names of studio apartments 






Bachelor apartment/ bachelor

Czech Republic



1 værelses lejlighed








One-room mansion



New Zealand

Studio rooms


Room self-contain apartments

North Macedonia



1-roms leilighet


T0 (T-Zero)







South Korea




United Kingdom


United States

Studio apartment/ alcove studio

Things To Consider When Looking For A Studio Flat

1. Set a budget: The cost of a residential unit varies based on the location, the kind of project, and the developer’s numerous features.Prior to searching for a studio apartment, it is a good idea to determine a budget. Our Studio flat is located in a suitable area in Dhaka and so cheaply rated.

2. Examine the usable space: A studio flat is defined as a property with only one room. Our Apartment is around 375 sq. ft. which has much more space with washroom, small kitchen table, drawing room with 43 Inch TV, belchony.


3. Ensure infrastructure access: Ensure that amenities such as convenience stores, shops, supermarkets, and physical infrastructure are available. It’s also important to see if nearby jobs or educational institutions are reasonably accessible. We have the Residential area which has enough infrastructure.

4. Check out the facilities and features: When you choose studio flats to rent, make sure you check out all of the amenities it has to offer. Fully furnished luxury studio apartments are more spacious and include furniture and equipment. A studio flat with plenty of natural light is also a good option. Our Apartment is the best for all facilities.

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A studio apartment is a small living area that includes a small kitchen table and a bedroom. Studio flats for rent is a good option for people who are low on cash or who just need a small amount of room. If you are looking to buy or rent an apartment, all of the above knowledge will assist you in making an informed decision.

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