Host-Virtual-Office-&-Mailing Address

A virtual office provides various office-related services and technology to persons working from remote places.

It enables firms to construct and establish a presence in their selected location without having to pay a large rent for that real office space.

Some virtual office providers additionally provide additional office services, such as a private mailbox, virtual receptionist, and so on.

We’d like to share our successes with you right now. We supplied virtual office space to an IT business last month. They were initially pleased with our support.

Let’s see how successfully we assisted them!

A Real-Life Case Study Of Our Virtual Office Space

Client Information:

Case study: Mr. Riaz Al Kazi 

Business type: IT Agency

Location: Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services: Virtual Office 

Client Overview: 

Young entrepreneur In Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mr. Riaz Al Kazi launched his own IT agency business. His preferred clientele are energetic, youthful people, but the location of his workplace was not the best.

Initially he started looking for a new virtual office. He was also aware that he lacked the resources to even pay for the rent of a physical office, let alone all the accompanying expenses and other services.

Needed a modernized virtual office service as a result. He thus thinks that a safe, useful, and comfortable workplace will enable each employee to effortlessly do his or her own task.

And also he needs a virtual mailing address for your business. The primary mailing address for a firm is the virtual office address. You may register your business using it as well. A competent staff of the building keeps an eye on the majority of business addresses to ensure that your mail and shipments arrive without incident.

Our Approach:

One of the more practical services was a virtual office space, which Mr. Riaz Al Kazi found one of his old friends had rented. They then contacted us after providing some information.

He wanted a workplace that was cutting edge, distinctive, and tech-friendly. The majority of virtual office apps provide security features like password protection, single sign-on, encryption, and others.

So that only authorized users and staff may access your virtual office. He required the forwarding of paperwork, letters, court filings, and other processes to our offices.

A lengthy one-on-one conversation to establish the virtual office service amenities that have been provided was therefore one of the requirements. He wants fast internet as well as a lovely virtual office.

Value Delivered:

Now-a-days Mr. Riaz Al Kazi is unable to get up early. Despite working for over ten hours a day, he never appears exhausted. His team is in charge of a significant customer every day. They are excited to work with fresh clients.

Their output is thus rising constantly. They generate more revenue. As a result of modern technology, they can also connect with customers.

He was able to clarify the laws and regulations to us, nevertheless. The paperwork and property tax were previously completed without any issues.

Services we provided to him:

  1. Services for receiving, picking up, and/or forwarding mail
  2. Conferencing areas
  3. Desk area and individual offices
  4. Printing along with associated services like binding, faxing, laminating, and shredding.
  5. The number to call
  6. Telephony system online (VoIP)
  7. Virtual helpers
  8. Email and domains for websites

Final Word

It was a wonderful experience working with Mr. Riaz Al Kazi. He favors working in a shared office with his staff.

specifically because our services provide him the necessary independence. In addition, we’ll stay in touch with him as required.

Our goal is to keep our customers. We would like to provide you further assistance, Mr. Kazi. Please reach out to our specialists if you want to collaborate with us