Staff Education and address Verification Services

What Is Education and address Verification Services?

A commercial, criminal, employment, and/or financial background check examines a person’s professional, criminal, jobs, and/or financial documents.

When an employer hires a foreign entity to verify someone’s history, there are regulations in place that limit whatever they may check and how they can examine it. The regulations are written in such a way that they establish guidelines for how consumer research is utilized in many contexts, including recruitment.

Fun Fact: While recruiting new employees, about 19 out of each 20 businesses do background checks. Felony histories are scrutinized by more firms than credit, license, or academic records. They’re also much more prone to check in-state crimes than out-of-state crime data.

How Are Background Screening Services Helpful?

Background screening services/employment history verification are the first most basic step towards creating the ideal work staff, it a major necessity and will determine the furniture and growth of your company. Below we have listed down the common Problems if Pre-employment Checks are not conducted, these are:

  1. Might Hire Unqualified Employee
  2. Overseen Criminal Background
  3. Lack of Identity Verification
  4. Lack of address Verification
  5. A threat of robbery and theft
  6. Might ignore potential financial issues – debt
  7. Might end up overpaying employees
  8. Workflow Management issues might arise.

What Information Are Included In A Background Screening Process?



Work history

Proper Work Past, Valid Reasoning

Criminal record

No Criminal Record Accepted (minor issues can be ignored with proper reasoning.)

Address verification

Address Clearance, Legal Approval

Social media screening for an online reputation check

Clean Background, no offensive, criminal, hate crime-related activity.

Drug abuse screening

No Type of drug abuse is accepted

Educational qualifications

Related to the job qualifications

Background Screening can also provide facilities such as: 

  1. Serviced Office Space 
  2. Short-Term Rental Security
  3. Checks for Debt and financial insufficiency
  4. Rental History Verification

Why Are Employment Screening Services Important?

With a good working environment and proper work staff, you can focus on the core tasks at hand. Having an external background service provider as your partner can highly help, such as Host BD, our team can help you with an entire structure of services such as background check for employment/employment history check and selecting the best applicant. While you can focus on growing your business.

  1. Issues that might occur: Those who haven’t checked to see if the information on an applicant’s résumé is accurate. Authorities haven’t determined if the candidate has the necessary education or skills for the job. They haven’t done any background checks to see whether they have any felony convictions that would make it risky for individuals to be employed. 
  2. Legal Problems: There was also the risk of getting charged with employment negligence if your unmonitored employee with no employment history verification causes injury to others while on the job. Before you hire someone, run a background check on them to protect yourself and your organization.

Important: The best way to prepare for a background screening process is to learn and know your rights.

What Types Of Factors Are Included In Employment Screening?

The types of background checks and tests tend to vary from company to company along with different values and requirements, however, we have listed a few of the common factors included in Employment Screening, these are: 

  1. Education Review
  2. Employment/Past Jobs Verification
  3. Criminal Investigation
  4. Identity/Authenticity Verification
  5. Check the database and the media
  6. Residential and Address Verification
  7. Tests for Drugs
  8. Finance Review and checks
Final Words

There are many issues that can arise with not conducting pre employment background check. Any poor hiring decision may be avoided by doing a background investigation before hiring someone, rather than spending time and money and beginning again. Let us help you, so you can be stress-free and experience maximum productivity from the working staff.