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What Is A Criminal Record Check Service In Bangladesh? 

A background screening/criminal background check is a method used by a person or corporation to authenticate that an individual is who they say they are. It allows one to examine a person’s criminal history, schooling, job history, and other prior actions in order to establish their genuineness.

Types And Reasons For Background Screening Services

Background Screening services are essential for recruiting and hiring new employees. To ensure workplace safety, good brand image and prevent theft, it is crucial to run background search/criminal record checks on every employee hired. Below we have listed the major types of criminal check/criminal record clearance and the reasons behind it. 



Education verification

Eligibility to work/Meets basic Requirements

Employment verification

Prenvents Peer Related Issues and ensures the ability to work

Court record verification

Preventing Criminal charges/legal issues

Address verification

Prevent fraud and legal issues

Credit check

Ensuring financial stability 

Reference verification

Ensuring Positive remarks and professionalism.

Importance Of Employee Background Screening

A key motivation for doing comprehensive background checks/criminal history check is to protect the employer or others from damage or legal responsibility of different kinds. This involves injury to the following:

  1. Erotic assault or violence in the workplace affects other employees.
  2. Sensual violence on corporate premises, for example, might harm the organization’s clients.
  3. The general population is harmed as a result of careless driving.
  4. The company’s business, either financially or in terms of image and reputation.

A strong reason to perform in-depth criminal history searches of job candidates is to 

defend against legal claims such as professional negligence. A multilayer regional criminal records check can prove that the company took reasonable precautions while recruiting. Employee Background Screening services help you achieve an ideal serviced office space with maximum security and healthy work staff.

Aspects Examined While The Background Screening Process

Here are the most examined and important aspects during Background screening/criminal background checking services in Bangladesh. These are: 

  1. Education Review/verification 
  2. Employment Verification
  3. Criminal Investigation/police record check
  4. Identity Verification
  5. Residential Verification
  6. Personal credentials
  7. Check for Drugs 
  8. Credit Review

Other types Of Common Verifications Conducted In Bangladesh

Other than extensive criminal background checks and background screening, you can also experience other professional verifications done in Bangladesh, these services can be customized to fit your requirements! These tests are: 

  1. Authentication of Professional Licenses
  2. Professional Credit Check 
  3. Automobile Database Check
  4. Urine, saliva, and breathing tests are all used to screen for drugs.
  5. Search for a list of sex offenders.
  6. Terrorist Watch List Inquiries Around the World

Summing It All Up

Getting/hiring the right screening service provider will help you establish ideal office space for working but also promise a healthy workforce and serviced workspace. Past performance is usually a good predictor of future ability, and it may reflect a person’s expertise, productivity, work skills, teamwork, and communication. A recommendation check/background screening service can assist you to tell the difference between a real high flyer and a phony.