• September 15, 2022
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The Covid-19 pandemic is an unparalleled global crisis with serious consequences for many organizations. A coworking space is an interesting case because as a result of Covid-19 the nature of the services offered by coworking spaces changed. Demand for coworking space after the pandemic is already double and it’s increasing day by day. 

Coworking spaces in Bangladesh are in high demand in the post-pandemic. The implementation of the hybrid work model is driving businesses to seek out flexible spaces, which is creating great possibilities in the segment.

Businesses are starting to recognize the value of a smart workplace because it inspires new ways working increases efficiency. As they embrace the coworking space culture the new generation of business owners, Join ventures and other mid-sized businesses are re-shaping the segment.

A survey on  coworking resources shows that the global number of coworking spaces will surpass 40000 by 2024, up from 19000 in 2020. Around 5 million people will work in coworking space from 2024 globally.

Businesses are now considering flexible office space to be a smart investment because it allows them to focus on their operations and expansion while cutting unnecessary expenses. Demand for coworking spaces is already nearly double from pre-pandemic and it is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

HostBD is the leading service provider fully furnished office and coworking office. Let’s discuss the most demandable office space which is increasing day by day in Bangladesh.

Demand Of Coworking Space From HostBD Is Huge. What’s The Reason?

HostBD is the best office space provider in Bangladesh. Coworking space fits in very well in this country of such a shift in demand. Coworking is here to stay, as it appeals to both small and large businesses. Co-working spaces can benefit all businesses because they are cost-effective, comfortable and scalable.

This gives you the option to either upsize or downsize. When new staff is hired the number of office desks can be increased,allowing the overall CAPEX and OPEX to be optimized. However, traditional spaces have rigid rental agreements, resulting in noticeable volatility in rates and high costs for establishing and maintaining the space.

According to a survey of 1400 coworking spaces in 170 countries, 72 % of spaces saw a significant decrease in the amount of people working from their space shortly after the outbreak. Furthermore, 44% of coworking spaces have seen a decrease in the enrolment and contract renewals since the outbreaks.

Evolution Of Coworking Spaces In Post-Pandemic World

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly important in the post-pandemic era, not only for small business and freelancers but also for large companies. Businesses are now accepting hybrid-work culture coworking spaces because coworking provides location flexibility, simplified contracts and an easy entry-exit option.


Coworking Spaces Play Role In The Growing Real Estate Industry

Coworking will remain popular because it allows businesses to reduce cost. This market will continue to play an important role in real estate recovery. The segment will offer higher ROIs due to increased demand. Concentrate a large number of investors, Property owners and Developers. Institutional players will growingly enter the space, drawn by the space’s long-term potential, providing structure and organization to the business. 

The Current Trends Which Are Visible In The Sector

The new model accommodates changing workforce desires by creating a more cooperative and open environment. In 2022 office designs with a lot of office space. As the epidemic has shifted the emphasis to social distance and positive work environment, the offices will be properly aired. Similarly, the usage of sustainable things such as bamboo, the setup of indoor plants and the use of efficient air conditioning will increase.

A greater focus will be placed on new technology like Artificial Intelligence. The world economic forum predicts that workplaces will be heavily technologically advanced in the coming years. AI in the workplace will primarily be used to automate repetitive task freeling up people’s time to focus on creativity, fantasy and strategic thinking.

The growth of coworking space in Bangladesh is increasing day by day and it plays an important role in the business and global economy.