Types Of Background Screening Services

The major and most popular types of background screening services with social media background checks are displayed below: 

  1. Physical Address Identification: This can be done in person at the candidate’s home or virtually, which records photographs from the map.
  2. Education Checking: Authenticates the candidate’s qualifications, completion, and degree and institute certifications.
  3. Employment verification: confirms the candidate’s job experience, length of employment, last held position, and reason to resign.
  4. Identity Verification: Determines whether the candidate’s Proof of Identification (PAN, DL, or Voter ID) was properly granted by the relevant government officials.
  5. Reference Verification: Confirms the candidate’s professional talents and characteristics by approaching the provided/researched recommendations from the specified profession.
  6. Credit Check: Helps to verify the candidate’s credit score.
  7. Social Media Verification: Determines whether the candidate has uploaded any offensive, sensitive, or false information on their social media profiles.
  8. Security Verification: Specifies whether the applicant has any court prosecutions pending against them.

Pro Tip: The Fastest Way To Run A Background Verification Check = Hire an external Background Screening Service Provider.

The other types of Screening Services Include 

  1. Physical fitness
  2. Medical and psychological history
  3. History of Credit
  4. Intelligence quotient 
  5. Intelligence quotient 
  6. talents in handwriting
  7. Background of the Military
  8. How do you communicate in public?
  9. How honest are you?
  10. Whether or not you have ever taken illicit drugs

Why Are Employment Screening Services Necessary?

Background check for employment/pre employment screening in Bangladesh is a major growth block for any company or entity. In order to run smoothly, with no threats along with maintaining a safe workspace running employment screening or pre-employment background check is a must.

Below we have mentioned a few of the major issues that will arise if background screening is not taken seriously. These are 

  1. Verification of Identification
  2. Checks for Criminal History
  3. Inspects on Credit History
  4. Reports on MVR
  5. Inspections on Professional Licenses and Qualifications
  6. Background Checks using Fingerprints
  7. Background Checks Using E-Verify

Usefulness Of Certain Screening Services


Criminal Checks

Usually 100 %

Drugs Tests

Not Accurate 30%

Identity Verification

Not Very Accurate 60%

Address Verification

Accurate 100%

Educational Background

Accurate 100%


Tenant Background Screening Services

Tenant Background Screening Service/tenant verification/tenant background search Includes all types of services that will verify your tenants and new renters. It’s an essential service that helps with keeping your asset safe and yourself tension free. 

Our team offers tenant screening services/tenant screening services exclusively to make lives easier, we can help you too! Some of our services are mentioned below: 

  1. Tenant background checks
  2. Background check for renters
  3. Tenant credit checks
  4. Criminal History Verification
  5. Identity Verification
  6. Past Rental History Checks


How Long Does Background Checking Take?


Credit Checks

Min 2 days – Max – 1-week

Criminal History Checks

Min 4 days – Max – 1 to 3 weeks

Educational Checks

Min 24 hours – Max – 1-day

Rental Checks

Min 2 days – Max – 1-week

Employment Verification

Min 3 days – Max – 2 to 3 weeks

Drug Tests

Min 2 day – Max – 1 week

How Do The Background Screening Companies Work?

Background verification companies/background check companies examine a candidate’s background using established criteria by their future or current workplace. Pre-employment screening might include occupational, academic, criminal history, credit report, car, and license record checks.

Information Required During background screening

Whenever they give you a job, companies check your background. They will request your several information for the background investigation, and those data must be accurate. 

  1. They’re looking at the knowledge and information you’ve supplied as well as your prior work history.
  2. Latest known residences
  3. Authentication of criminal convictions and unlawful conduct by the police.
  4. Examination of court records:
  5. Verification of references

Finalizing Everything

Employee Screening Services are the backbone of a great team and good teamwork, with the right tools, knowledge, and partner you can establish your ideal office space in no time with extraordinary secretary services in Bangladesh with the perfect business incorporation