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Article Of Incorporation

The Incorporator of the undersigned________________________, a _____________________ corporation, adopts the following Articles of Incorporation: 

Article I 


The name of the company is __________________________. 

Article II 


The period of the corporation’s duration is __________________. 

Article III 


The corporation was formed for the purpose of conducting any and all authorized business that corporations can perform under Act ________________, include but are not limited to:

Article IV


According to the legislation of the States of ______________, the company has the authority to participate in any legitimate activity, including that of the opening and operation of a bank account.

Article V 

Initial Registered Agent 

The name and address of the corporation’s initial registered agent is: _____________________________  ____________________________

The statement of approval by the company registered is kept in the corporation’s records. 

Article VI 

Principal Office & Mailing Address 

The corporation’s designated principal office’s complete street address is: ________________________________ ________________________________ 

and the corporation’s mailing address is: ________________________________ ________________________________ 

Article VII

Authorized Shares 

The maximum number of outstanding shares of stock that the corporation can issue is: ______________. The type of stock that will be issued is ____________ stock. The par value of each share will be Dollars_________.

Article VIII 

Directors & Officers 

The following individuals and roles will serve as the initial officers and directors:






Treasurer _______________ Address__________________________________

Article IX


The corporation’s initial bylaws must be adopted by the Incorporator. The bylaws may be amended at any moment by the shareholders using the provisions included therein.

Article X 


The directors shall allocate assets upon dissolution in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions for the State of ________________. The corporation’s bylaws must include further provisions addressing distribution upon dissolution.

Article XI


Unless the individual fraudulently and intentionally broke a law and/or maliciously performed acts to damage and/or commit fraud the corporation, or as alternatively provided under applicable corporate law statute, the corporation indemnifies any directors, officers, staff, incorporators, and stockholders of the corporate entity from any liability related to the corporation and its business.

Article XII


I,______________________,residing______________________, execute these Articles of Incorporation dated this ____ day of _____________________, ______.


Incorporator Signature 


Incorporator Name 

Correspondence Information is: