Coworking space services in Bangladesh

Co- working Office Space: Help To Grow Your Business

Co-working office space facilities are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their low costs and opportunities for social contact. The co-working office space concept provides both a potential answer for community organization space needs as well as transferable ideas for community group and organization shared office space design. We provide best shared office space services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The number of coworking spaces in the world has increased by over 22% in the last year. The number of individuals per location has climbed to 90 on average. 12% of co-working spaces have 300 or more people.

Global Coworking Survey From 2019

Covid-19 Impact On Shared Office Space:

  1. There was a 58% decline in occupancy.
  2. 10% of spaces lost all of their staff.
  3. Nearly half of the leaseholders have renegotiated their contracts.

Profitable Statistics In 2020:

  1. If a coworking space meets at least four criteria, it is profitable: it has more than 200 members, it is older than one year, it is profit-oriented, and it does not support its operation through other companies.
  2. The operation of shared office spaces generates a direct profit for 44% of them.
  3. 82% of firms are “for-profit,” while 12 percent are “non-profit.”

Problem Arising

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the traditional workplace in unprecedented ways. While some predicted that the restrictions of working at home would lead more people to seek out local coworking places, the reverse occurred.

According to a poll of coworking spaces conducted by Coworker during COVID-19, more than 70% of co-working spaces saw a decrease in the number of individuals working from their premises. They also reported event cancellations 72%, conference room cancellation 66%, membership cancellations 34.66%, and even space closures 21%.

As a result, coworking spaces all over the world have modified their business models in order to stay in business and provide new types of services that may be more useful to their membership in a post-pandemic workplace. Spaces has also offered new student memberships for students who have recently become online, collaborated with video conferencing providers to assist its members in moving events and workshops to the internet, and much more.

Focus Point

  1. Coworking spaces have emerged as a new and fascinating phenomenon in the business world.
  2. Co-working office spaces are beneficial in terms of productivity, flexibility, and legitimacy.
  3. Connections, answers, power, and social support are all provided by co-working office spaces.

Our Solution For You

Front Room In Bashundhara

FrontRoom is a co-working space facility in Bashundhara, Dhaka, that can accommodate 22 people. Fluid, a local design studio with a strong focus of offering communal space to connect people with creative interests together, manages the space.

FrontRoom in shared office space began as a shared working place for people in creative businesses, but it is now open to anyone who needs a place to work from and is quickly filling up. This is due to an increase in the number of people employed remotely and requiring a workstation that encourages social interaction.

FrontRoom not only promotes a cooperative, flexible work environment, but it also assists enterprises in obtaining a physical location in Dhaka and closeness to other local businesses.

How It Works:

Net access, a computer and chair, a meeting room, a skype booth, tea and coffee, screenprinters (printing is free), and availability to the Fluidity co-ordinator who maintains the area are all included in the price to utilize the space.

Saturday through Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., with after-hours accessibility via a key system. Payment for the space can be made by credit card, direct debit, or invoicing.

Future Possibilities:
FrontRoom in shared office space is being used by a variety of community organizations in addition to companies. Because FrontRoom has after-hours access, it has the potential to be used by more organizations in the evenings.
Coworking space services in Bangladesh

The Cell In Gulshan

The Cell is a co-working space in Gulshan, Dhaka that can accommodate up to 18 individuals. There are three offices and 15 open plan desks. A meeting room, a conference room, two sound-proofed call rooms, and a kitchenette are also available.

The shared office space Cell is for entrepreneurs who are still in the initial stages of their business. Employees and company owners are among those who use the facility. It’s not uncommon for competitive enterprises to co-locate at The Cell and collaborate on commercial opportunities.

The low price, central location, and good internet are all advantages of using the co-working office space. Another disadvantage for users is that they do not have the obligation of controlling their own work space.

How It Works: 

The Co-working Space Cell is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow users the option to work from this location when it is convenient for them — many users have several jobs or perform non-traditional hours to satisfy foreign schedules.

There is a registration fee arrangement depending on a written contract to utilize the area. People can use the area for a certain period of time or even on a more temporary basis.

The shared office space cell not only provides a place for workers to work from, but it also hosts expert hours once a month. These expert hours address a topic that is relevant to their users (balance or accountancy), and the expert is accessible for 3 free appointments just on topic of the month during these sessions.

Future Possibilities: It’s possible that community groups will be able to use the expert’s hours and appointments. Furthermore, The Cell’s long-term ambition is to create a purpose-built Co-working Space, which, if realized, may provide accommodation for community members and services.
Final Thoughts

Coworking spaces are far more than just places to sit at a desk and drink coffee. They can enhance productivity and are a terrific place to be if you prefer being in the company of other experts in a flexible, available atmosphere. If you need our serviced office, virtual assistance services contact us today.