There are 5 Flexible Solutions that People Get from Using Coworking Spaces

Startups and remote workers are no longer the only ones using coworking spaces. The industry has grown exponentially over the last few years, as companies of all shapes and sizes are discovering the benefits of  co space office and flexible office space.

We wanted to discuss, however, because many large enterprises are new to coworking or unfamiliar with the concept, why so many are turning to flexible office space. We’ll cover the most relevant topics for enterprises and coworking spaces in this guide, including:

  1. Evolution of co sharing space in enterprises
  2. Corporations already use coworking spaces
  3. Benefits of co space working for large companies

Coworking spaces are expected to grow from $13.60 billion in 2021 to $16.17 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 18.9%.

Incorporated Co sharing Office Space : The Evolution of the Workplace

A coworking space may have roots dating back to the 1990s, but it’s still a relatively new concept in the world of large businesses. In 2016, Microsoft was the first massive, well-known company to adopt flexible office space, announcing that a number of its teams would be working from coworking locations around the world.

Following suit are several Fortune companies, including:

  1. Social networking site
  2. The Sales Force
  3. Arthur & Young
  4. Jag Land Rover
  5. Global Shell

There are of course a growing number of large corporations that are using flex space in some capacity due to the evolution of coworking space in general as well as for large enterprises. In fact, large corporations now comprise over a quarter of the company’s membership and revenue, with its corporate customer base growing by 370% year-over-year in 2018.

What are the Benefits of Shared Coworking Space Coworking Spaces for Large Businesses?

What exactly is driving such rapid growth, though? Once again, the answer varies according to the goals and needs of the enterprise. Despite this, there are five common drivers that are propelling this massive shift towards flexible office space.

  1. Financial Analysis
    Almost all industries in today’s marketplace change very quickly. Coworking spaces give them the speed and agility they need to take on this new market efficiently and effectively.
  2. Location & Footprint
    Coworking Office Space Can Save Companies 20-40% in Costs Compared to Traditional Workspaces. As a result, an enterprise can still easily adapt to an ever-growing or changing customer base to meet expectations effectively and enjoy anywhere from 20% to 40% lower operating costs than traditional office spaces.
  3. Recruiting & Retaining Talent
    It is becoming increasingly rare to find talent willing to uproot their lives and move for a new job.
  4. Benefits of Accounting & Valuation
    It is essential that large private companies follow suit in 2020. As a result, they can still make use of flexible office space with short-term agreements – less than one year – without negatively impacting the balance sheet, and, therefore, making their valuations more attractive to investors.
  5. Timing the CRE market
    Corporations with large real estate portfolios tend to be particularly adept at reading fluctuations in trends. 

Business Benefits of Flexible Office Space

Aside from those five reasons, corporate coworking benefits are intrinsic to the nature of coworking spaces.

Engaging Talent, Culture, and Engagement

Modern employees have different expectations than they did a decade or two ago. Additionally, large corporations are beginning to understand the benefits of a more collaborative and innovative work environment, especially when compared with the rows of identical cubicles and generic decor so common in the past.


A coworking space, whether for a small business with five employees or a large one with hundreds, provides many conveniences that traditional leases rarely – and if ever – can offer to an organization. Flexible office providers provide far more than just reliable Wi-Fi and physical space,they also eliminate the need for companies to furnish their spaces and create break rooms and kitchen facilities.

Customization & Branding

Coworking spaces, regardless of whether they are for a small business with five employees or a large corporation with hundreds, can provide many conveniences that traditional leases rarely, if ever, can. Beyond providing reliable Wi-Fi and physical space, flexible office providers also eliminate the need for companies to furnish their offices, create break rooms, and provide kitchen facilities.