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Office space that is shared and rented by other companies might be leased by a tenant under a lease for shared space. This Agreement shall be deemed to be a master lease between all Tenants. 

However, some landlords forbid this, which forces one individual to take on the role of master tenant and rent the remaining sharers the other areas. Your contract should state that you are all subject to the provisions of the master lease in that case.

1. The Parties. This Co-Working Space Agreement (“Agreement”), dated as of ___________________, 20___, is between the following parties:

______________________ is the landlord. (“Landlord”) of ___________________, City of ___________________, State of ___________________, Zip Code ______, AND Tenant: __________________ (“Tenant”) of ___________________, City of ___________________, State of ___________________, Zip Code .

The parties, referred to as the landlord and tenant, concur on the following:

2. Shared Office. The Landlord undertakes to provide the Tenant with the following property for co-working purposes under the terms of this Agreement:

_______________________, City of _______________________, State of _______________________, Zip Code .

Addt’l. Description: 

The premises are referred to as the “Premises” for now.

3. Term. This Agreement shall commence on _______________________, 20___ and shall continue as follows: (choose one) – On a monthly basis. This Agreement shall remain in effect until either Party provides notice of at least ___ days from the next payment date.

– For a Limited Time. This Agreement will expire on _______________________, 20 . When this Agreement expires and no new agreement between the Parties is allowed, this Agreement shall: (check one)

– End the sentence.

– Continue on a month-to-month basis, which can be canceled by any party with thirty (30) days’ notice.

4. Service 

  1. Meeting Place
  2. Coffee and other refreshments
  3. Directory
  4. Internet Connection
  5. Mailboxes
  6. Copying and printing
  7. Workstations

5. Rate

The Landlord agrees to let the Tenant inhabit the Premises in exchange for the following: (mark one)

– Rate per hour. For the use of the Premises, the Tenant will be charged $_____/hour. Any unfinished hours will be prorated.

– Monthly Payment. The Tenant will be charged $_______________/month for the use of the Premises. All payments are due on the ___ of the month.

– The annual rate. The Tenant will be charged $__________/year to utilize the Premises. This payment is due by ______________________________, 20 .


Signature of the Landlord Date: 

Name in Print: 

Signature of Tenant Date: 

Name in Print: