How Can Be Benefited Small Business By Taking Office Space In Dhaka 

For aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, and remote employees, coworking office spaces are ideal. Dhaka offers great workplaces as well as high-quality amenities for a low cost of membership.Before you start looking for coworking spaces in Dhaka, go through our guide. This guide will provide you with unbiased information on coworking office space and will assist you in determining whether a coworking space is necessary for your company.

According to the findings of the 2021 Global Coworking Study, on average, 40% of coworking spaces are profitable.

Bottom Line

  1. The coworking office space surrounding a good location, environment which makes you relax.
  2. The purpose of coworking office spaces is to create a collaborative society of innovators.
  3. The cost-effectiveness of a shared office/coworking office is its most significant advantage.

Coworking Space In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Office Space In Gulshan

Our Shared office/coworking office space facility in Gulshan aims to promote teamwork. Work with like-minded individuals in a shared work space at one of Dhaka’s hundreds of sites. Members of the ecommerce community may also bring guests and friends to join them for just a cup of coffee. If you’re seeking for a professional atmosphere at a reasonable price, Gulshan coworking space is the place to be.

Why To Rent Coworking Space In Gulshan

We have a flexible serviced office that may be used as a co-shared workplace, business center, shared office, or virtual office. In Gulshan, we are 9.5 kilometers from Dhaka International Airport. Being in Gulshan we will provide you with a plethora of options.

1. Access to high-speed Internet
The Internet speed and dependability of any Shared office/ coworking office space are non-negotiable and essential, and we have it all!

2. A Relaxing Work space
Workplaces that are productive are identified. Whether you require a single desk or a small office, we can accommodate you.

3. Individualized storage
Make the most of owning your own space by storing your possessions in a private, secure location.

4. Supervisors
The day-to-day activities of their allocated floor are managed by floor supervisors.

Office Address In Bashundhara

Bashundhara Offices are located around 3 km from Dhaka International Airport. We provide completely equipped offices with all of the amenities you want. The office is instantly available for usage. You may work with experienced office professionals to identify the best location to maximize your advantages.

Why is Bashundhara Best?

1. A relaxing environment
We provide the option to work in a quiet environment where clients may focus or in a more social setting with a shared table where contact is encouraged. They can even work at home on occasions when it is necessary. Flexibility is required for comfort. Our workstations provide you with the opportunity to unwind and relax.


2. Security
Our clients realize the rewards of our work spaces as well. Businesses and entrepreneurs without a permanent workplace may have crucial meetings and conferences in a fully-equipped space. For years, we’ve made sure that everybody in the office is safe. You may feel secure and at rest.

3. Professional Network:

Interacting with high-performing people will not only foster a feeling of community, but it will also boost your self-confidence and provide opportunities to improve your service. You may wander about the workplace and choose the perfect areas for you thanks to our shared work space. Experimenting with different areas at work will help you locate the best positions for yourself.

4.. Reasonably priced

Our coworking concept avoids the hidden expenses and risks of owning an office by allowing tenants to pay only for the work space they use. A coworking space does not require a traditional lease or any one of the related hidden fees.

Office Space In Uttara

We are located around 2 km from Dhaka International Airport in Uttara. So, many opportunities will surround you being located at Uttara – the heart of the new business location in Dhaka. This is the area which is growing with so many corporate offices and Industries.

Benefits Of Getting Office Space In Uttara

1. Spaces of Great Value

Over 18,500 parking spaces and conference rooms are available, with over 300 new spaces added each month for your convenience.

2. Office Space for Trusted Services

Work space for Trusted Services In addition to Bangladesh, Uttara has over 6 million customers worldwide, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

3. 0% of the time is free

In Uttara, you will never be charged for a solitary desk or a staff of 100. It’s an excellent point, which is why you use our services.

4. Terms that are adaptable

Taking advantage of having space accessible in Uttara, Dhaka, for an hour, a day, a month, even longer whenever you need it.

7 Different Types Of Office Space Available For Lease

In Bangladesh, there are many different types of office spaces to pick from. Starting with a one-room office space for rent and progressing to a fully equipped office or commercial office for rent. The most prevalent forms of office space for leasing are mentioned below.

1. Serviced Office: Serviced Office Spaces, which contain a variety of furnishings, services, and amenities.

2. Unfurnished Work Space: Because these rooms are typically unoccupied, you have the freedom to replace, repair, and incorporate extra furniture and equipment as needed.

3. Managed Work space for rent: Managed office spaces are adaptable; they come with basic services but may be customized.

4. 1 room office space for rent: Factors such as cost and manpower, these work spaces can be completely equipped or entirely customisable.

5. Small office warehouses for rent: Work space warehouses are often large, allowing you to house/store tangible objects as well as create a workstation.

6. Rent a furnished office: These office spaces come with all of the necessary furnishings and may be customized to meet your specific needs.

7. Co-working space: These offices are less expensive and come with all of the necessary amenities and services.

Looking for a place to work? Do you have an idea in mind? Allow our experts to assist you in finding the ideal office space.

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Shared office/coworking office spaces are a terrific way to save money while still providing a decent work environment for your employees. Finding and selecting the perfect office space is a difficult task, particularly if you are moving into Bangladesh. We are here to provide you coworking, Fully furnished, Short term office space, Serviced office, Remote address, Meeting room, Conference room and so on.