Best Coworking Space For Healthy Business Innovators

The incentive for organizations to maintain traditional office locations in their corporate real estate portfolios has shifted as a result of the ability of professionals to work from anywhere and the rising costs of real estate leases and maintenance. Coworking rental space in Bangladesh is the best solution for this.

Work at our energetic coworking rental spaces in Bangladesh with like-minded professionals. These spaces have breakout rooms and networking events to promote collaboration and growth. You may rent a dedicated desk in our shared office space service or just drop by and hot-desk in an open-concept workspace.

At a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.9%, the size of the worldwide coworking space market is anticipated to increase from $13.60 billion in 2021 to $16.17 billion in 2022.

At our coworking space you may either hire a dedicated desk that is set aside specifically for you or drop in and hot desk as needed.We provide flexible coworking space rentals with all-inclusive pricing.

Focus Points,

  1. Over 1.1 million individuals work in over 14, 000 coworking spaces worldwide, according to a recent research. Although the number is enormous, it is predicted to become much more in the next years.
  2. When using our coworking spaces, there is no minimum rental period. In any of our locations across the world, you may rent a dedicated desk for as long as you need or use a coworking space for a minimum of one hour.
  3. Work alongside a diverse range of companies in Bangladesh’s social coworking spaces. Choose an open-plan or shared office space that best suits your working style, then reserve a dedicated workstation or a hot-desk by the hour.

Key Features of a Successful Coworking Space

Coworking is an excellent illustration of the changes since today’s business owners are happy to share offices and operate in the same space as independent contractors or staff members from other organizations.

  1. Price: The average monthly cost of a flexible desk in the United States is just $195, €189 in Europe, and £168 in the United Kingdom due to the growing number of coworking spaces.
  2. Location: While it’s advantageous to work in a position close to potential clients or other industry hubs, you don’t want to spend too much time traveling. Finding a coworking rental space that is convenient to your house and to other locations that are important to your business is therefore a good idea.
  3. Atmosphere: Try to pick a location where you and your coworkers will feel comfortable. According to a survey, 60% of participants report feeling more at ease since they started coworking, mostly as a result of the positive energy and stress-free environment.
  4. Community: Freelancers make up more than 40% of coworking space users, and IT is the most popular industry among businesses. They communicate well with one another and occasionally even start collaborative initiatives, which is a fantastic byproduct of coworking.
  5. Team Building: Knowing this, a quality coworking space occasionally plans team-building activities to help leaseholders become closer. In the long run, this can enhance the work environment and increase everyone’s productivity.

How Much Does A Coworking Space Cost In Bangladesh 

  1. Type: We offer two dynamic coworking spaces accessible in the region if you’re seeking for an inspirational environment to network, develop, and build your business in Bangladesh. 
  2. Pricing In Bangladesh: You can choose our premium package for BDT 19,750 per month or rent a dedicated coworking desk for BDT 19,750. These costs are based on a 24-month contract and rates. The real cost will vary depending on the number of participants, length of the contract, the particular coworking space, and availability.
  3. Alternatives: As an alternative, you may purchase a coworking membership that grants you access to any of our coworking locations for 5, 10, or unlimited days per month. This serviced office membership is available to individuals and teams of any size.

Analysis Of The Growth Rate Of Coworking Spaces (2017-2022)


This shows that the global growing rate of coworking spaces is continuously in the way of increasing not decreasing. The demand is getting higer from 2017 to 2022 due to peoples’ want for cost effective office space. 

5 Important Reasons To Take Rent Our Coworking Space In Bangladesh

  1. Saving time
    Spend less time traveling and on any other purposes of collecting other materials etc. All the furniture and other necessary stuff will be there.
  2. Work Anywhere
    From here is one day and from there is another. You can travel and you can work at the same time.
  3. Get motivated
    Amazing services and high-quality workplaces.
  4. Connect
    Plenty of chances to meet new people!
  5. Be effective
    Avoid getting sidetracked in crowded cafés or residences.
  6. Save cash
    You may access all the places for a single membership fee.
We Provide The Coworking Space Rent That Works For You 

Work alongside a diverse range of companies in Bangladesh’s social coworking spaces. Choose an open-plan or shared and rental office space that best suits your working style, then reserve and make it simple to get to work, encourage collaboration, and present fresh opportunities for your company.
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