Shared Office

Many individuals use a shared workplace at various times. The workers are dynamic; the workplace is stagnant.

A collaborative workspace is used by several persons simultaneously for the purpose of teamwork.

Shared workspaces are workstations hired by remote employees, freelancers, gig workers, consultants, and anybody else who does not have a central office one place for one person.

Shared office space is a significantly larger workspace that is rented for several individuals in a similar manner.

The crucial query is now: Is Shared Office Renting Beneficial For A Small Business?

Considering that the initial costs are, employing one may be a great way for business owners to save time and money. Furthermore, renting a shared office is more cost-effective. Shared workplaces make 70% of their members healthier, according to coworking productivity statistics. 

Let’s examine the reasons a shared workplace is essential!

How Shared Office Rent Is Beneficial For A Small Business?

A shared office is a place of business where several companies collaborate. Working together is intended to lower rent and utilities bills.

Normally, a renter creates a shared office space by renting out space that they aren’t utilizing to one or more businesses.

The companies that lease a shared space in Dhaka most frequently are consolidated firms with a particular amount of growth. Although they do so more frequently, small enterprises in Dhaka also rent shared workspaces.

Large companies frequently employ shared offices since they do not feel obligated to lease for an extended period of time and can afford to hire more specialized services.

5 Easy Shared Office Rental Process

1. Estimate the space you need

Space needs might vary greatly depending on the firm, industry, and geographic region. While large corporations may be interested in suites that can house up to 50 employees, startups and first-time entrepreneurs may benefit more from a shared environment.

2. Think about your budget

Choose an office location that will not throw your company into debt. Setting a reasonable budget can help you keep your cool.

When determining your office space budget, be aware that amenities, maintenance, taxes, postal service, furnishings, and other variables should all be considered.

3. Find flexible terms

In addition to the criteria you establish for your perfect office space, you should look for any flexibility in the lease procedure.

4. Legal issues to avoid

Keep in mind to carefully analyze the conditions of your lease while renting a commercial office space. Pay close attention to the lease’s duration, start date, and potential for extension.

5. Security and maintenance aspects

Any of your team members’ safety and security should be their first priority. You and your team mates should feel safe no matter where you wind up working.

Average Cost For Shared Office

As the trend of shared office space grows, more startups and enterprises are interested in moving into them. To name a few positives, shared spaces provide flexible membership, cheaper expenses than traditional workplaces, a welcoming community and an industrious spirit.

The increased number of employees per square foot, along with longer typical agreement lengths, lowers office suite pricing down to the same level as private offices.

Furthermore, the typical cost per seat in conventional space is closer to $250 to $500 per month, but this includes significant upfront and ongoing expenditures that shared office does not, as explained above.

Type of Office SpaceAverage Cost
Private Office (per person)$350 – $800 per month
Floating Desk / Hot Desk$50-$350 per month
Office Suite (per person)$350 – $800 per month

Custom build outs

Depends on the improvement costs

5 Advantages of Shared Office Space

1. Save money

The most common reason individuals choose shared office spaces is to save money. Get a shared office space for your company and save your operating costs. The management offers these items, and your workload is reduced.

2. Increase Networking

You will meet new individuals if you work in a shared office area. Working in a shared office space in a premium location in Dhaka boosts your chances of meeting new individuals who are relevant to your business by more than 50%.

3. Increase Your Flexibility

There is no escape from shared office space’s obligation to keep you there for up to a year. You can leave when your membership expires because most shared office spaces operate on a subscription basis.

4. Follow the trends

One of your strengths as a founder of a new generation startup is your capacity to adjust to changing market trends. Whether individuals are organizing Discord gatherings or switching to the newest, most innovative tech product. Your capacity to change with the times is crucial.

5. Select the ideal location

You’ll eventually need to host meetings with customers, vendors, and perhaps even investors and partners. When you do, you’ll need a location that’s simple to reach, presents well, and has all the amenities you want.

3 Tips For A Shared Office

1. Think about your commute

Be careful to take your commute into account while searching for office space to rent. Renting an office space farther from your home or place of business may not be worth it if you’re going to be in traffic for a long period of time.

2. Make sure to bargain

Never be afraid to shop around for a better renting bargain for your office space. The amount of money you may save by merely haggling with the landlord or property owner could surprise you.

3. Employ administrative assistance

Like day offices and lobby greeters, shared office spaces don’t all offer administrative support. Administrative services, such as document collation, fax sending and receiving, document notarization, and photocopying, can significantly affect a worker’s productivity as well as the effectiveness of a client or partner meeting.


1. Is Shared office space a good business?

Shared office space is far more adaptable than leasing an entire office building. You will not be require to sign a multi-year lease, and the majority of the equipment will be deliver to you.

2. Are shared office spaces profitable?

According to the Global Coworking Survey, only 43% of coworking spaces are profitable, leaving 57% in the red.

3. How do shared spaces work?

A shared office space is an open workspace where employees from several teams or firms gather in a neutral common area.


There are several advantages to using shared office space all around the world. When looking for shared office space for rent in Host, consider the benefits of these important factors.

These are important factors that influence productivity and determine the value of shared workspaces.Please visit our website to learn more about shared office spaces in Host.