Businesses occasionally need to update their office layouts due to the constantly changing employment situation. In Bangladesh’s shared workspaces, in particular, change is the best option you have. 

Are you aware?; Contrary to popular belief, a shared office or workspace is just a location where many people may work at once.

While this query is raised, the question is: Is Renting Out Shared Office A Profitable Venture?

Indeed, when a few basic things are considered. Particularly, time: 72% of shared office become profitable after two years of operation. A shared office space is a larger area that is hired out on a group basis. In contrast to a freelancer, a startup may occasionally rent shared office space to assemble its team.

Entrepreneurs frequently argue over the profitability of shared office rentals. Let’s start the discussion now!

3 Ways that Shared Offices Make Money

A relatively new type of business called coworking has recently seen a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless, it makes an effort. 

The idea of shared workspaces continues to appeal to both large corporations and lone individuals. Some people choose to lease a private office in a coworking facility, but it’s the same overall.

1. Leasing: 

  1. Workstation rentals are typically the major source of income for coworking facilities. Several coworking facilities provide open work areas and private cabins in addition to private workstations.
  2.  In addition, a few of them provide variable pricing, allowing customers to select from a range of individualised choices.

2. Advertising and branding:

  1. Due to the diversity of businesses, organisational structures, and employees found in coworking spaces, many companies frequently use them as part of a marketing strategy.
  2. Even educational events organised in coworking spaces serve as a means of promoting a brand and making money.


3. Collaborations And Ventures:

  1. Effective cooperation and investment benefit your members while also increasing income and generating new prospects.
  2. Collaborations are typically effective business tactics that increase profits. You may network with many different local companies and investors by running a coworking space.

Did You Know?; Among 86% of CBRE respondents, flexible office space is a key component of the future real estate strategy. Over 40,000 coworking spaces will exist globally by 2024. Industry experts forecast an annual growth rate of 21.3%.

Explore The Advantages Of Shared Office Rental 

The following are the 5  principal advantages of renting a shared office:

1. An appropriate mannerisms: 

  1. Instead of having a remote workforce that works from home, a shared office space might offer your company a more polished impression.
  2. This is particularly true if you frequently have client meetings or have customers drop by your workplace.

2. Culture:

  1. Working from home may be isolating for a lot of individuals. Moreover, if you frequently need to collaborate and communicate with your team, it could be inconvenient. 
  2. Additionally, networking with other local company leaders in a shared office setting may be quite beneficial.

3. Better Versatility:

  1. Coworking offers entrepreneurs an excellent chance to reduce costs because there are no additional expenses, no deposits, and a range of alternative packages.
  2. Usually, there is no necessity for a one-year contract when coworking. On a month-to-month basis, private desk, private office, and other memberships are also available.

Which Is Better For Business: Shared Office VS Private Office?

Shared Office

Private Office

Working in a shared office enables your business to rent workspaces or locations in a flexible way.

Your staff will appreciate having a private office to themselves as opposed to a shared workspace.

Additional useful comforts may come in the form of shared facilities, shared equipment, beverages, and a package acceptance service.

Having workstations available whenever you need them also makes it simpler to consistently fulfil deadlines since you aren’t sharing space with other companies.

The presence of several enterprises working together in one location creates numerous networking chances.

Moreover, it could be a superior solution when it comes to client privacy agreements or while working on delicate and private projects.


1. What is a shared office called?

Workstations are rented in shared offices (coworking spaces) by independent contractors, gig workers, consultants, and anybody else who might not have a dedicated office.

2. What is a shared office environment?

A shared office is a workplace or other setting where people who are self-employed or employed by several enterprises collaborate and share resources for the benefit of all.

3. Is Shared office space a good business?

Versatility: Renting a coworker’s workplace is far more adaptable than renting a separate office space. The majority of the equipment is provided for you, and you won’t need to sign a long-term lease. minimal starting expenses And lastly, companies trying to cut costs might consider renting a shared office space.


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