Shared Office

Shared office is the term for when a group of businesses share a commercially rented office. Given the fact that the word can be used to denote a serviced office or a managed shared office.

Shared office is the act of sharing a physical office and office space with others that aren’t related to the same business.

We would like to share our achievements with you now. Last month we provided a travel agency with shared office space. Initially, they were happy with our assistance.

Let’s assess how well we supported them….

A Real-Life Case Study Of Our Shared Office Space

Client Information:

Case study: Mr. Nazmul Alom 

Business type: Travel Agency

Location: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services: Share Office Space Renting

Client Overview:

Young businessman Mr. Nazmul Alom started his own travel agency company in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His target customer consists of young, outgoing individuals, but his office’s location was not ideal.

He initially began looking for a new office place, but time was of the essence. Additionally, he was conscious that he didn’t have the money to even rent a physical office, much less pay for all the associated costs and other services.

As a result, he needed a shared office space that was renovated. He thus believes that each employee will be able to complete their respective tasks with ease in a safe, practical, and comfortable environment.

Our Approach:

Mr. Nazmul Alom learned that one of his old acquaintances had rented a shared office space, which is one of the most convenient services. So they did some research and contacted us.

He desired a modern, unique, and tech-friendly office setting. Restaurants, a medical center, and various stores should be near the office. He needed documentation, letters, court papers, and processes forwarded to our offices.

So, one of the needs was to have a long one-on-one talk to confirm the shared office service amenities have been given. He needs a meeting, a fully functional kitchen, a nicely shared office, and high-speed internet.

Value Delivered:

Now-a-days Early in the morning, Mr. Nazmul Alom leaves for his workplace. He works in his own office for ten hours every day, yet he never seems worn out. Every day, his crew oversees a sizable clientele. They are eager to collaborate with new clientele.

As a result, their production is increasing daily. They bring in more money. Additionally, they are able to communicate with customers thanks to current technologies.

However, he was able to explain the rules and legislation to us. Additionally, the papers and house tax were previously finished without any problems.

Services he received from us:

  1. More opportunities for networking
  2. A rise in productivity
  3. Increased inventiveness
  4. Possibilities for collaboration
  5. Cost-efficiency
  6. Increased adaptability

Final Words

Working with Mr. Nazmul Alom was indeed a fantastic experience. He and his team prefer to work in a shared office.

Specifically since our services provide him with the independence he needs. Additionally, we will continue to contact him as necessary.

Our objective is to maintain our clients. Mr. Nazmul Alom, we would like to assist you even more. If you wish to work with us, please contact our experts.