Are flexible workspaces a good way to save money?

Most small and medium-sized businesses moving to Bangladesh ask their commercial real estate agent to help them find a furnished office space. In this way, they can start their business operations immediately without having to worry about setting up a fully equipped office. This is also a cost-effective option.

The right furnished office space in Bangladesh will suit your needs no matter whether you are a moving company that needs a small office space for your clients or a multinational organization that wants to open a branch in an ideal location.

Commercial Office Space: What to Consider Before You Rent It

  1. Affordable
  2. Industry Highlights
  3. Place
  4. Building infrastructure
  5. Environment

What Does It Mean To Have An Office That Is Completely Furnished?

A well-finished interior with workstations and office furniture characterizes a completely furnished office area. Other elements could include partitioned rooms for managers, conference rooms for meetings, a pantry, a foyer, a guest host area, and larger offices could even have a breakout area.

An Example of a Fully Furnished Office

There are over 80% of office space fully furnishe available for rent on the market in Bangladesh that are in bare condition. Among the standard conditions are light fixtures, fire sprinklers, air conditioning, and suspended ceiling boards.

The majority of them have white walls and cement screed floors. The majority of tenants come across this when trying to rent furnished office space.

A bare office space with a suspended ceiling, lights, fire sprinkler system, centralized air conditioner system, raised flooring and bare walls.

An organization may be able to construct 20 workstations along with a meeting room and two managers’ rooms in a 2000 square feet office space. The same amount of space could be used by another organization to house 10 workstations, four manager’s offices, and a boardroom for 12 people.

Is it still possible to find a fully furnished office space in Bangladesh?

It is important to remember that finding a fully furnished office for rent in Bangladesh is largely influenced by timing and availability. Also it is important to understand that each fully fitted out office has its own unique features, which means it was designed specifically for the moving out tenant and not for you. It is difficult to find such rental office space at all times.

If you are looking for available offices on the market, you will find these three categories:
  1. Immediately available office
  2. Lease on office expiring
  3. Office with a break in lease

Why Can’t Some Businesses Find Furnished Office Space For Rent?

Many businesses are enthusiastic about moving to a new office, including HostBangla. In most cases, they wish for the best amenities in their new office without having to bear the fitting costs. They also wish to pay rent that is below average.
The more requests you have when searching for furnished office space, the lower your chances of finding one.

Is It Easy To Find Fully Furnished Office Space In Bangladesh?

The two main factors that determine whether a tenant can find a furnished office are creativity and flexibility.
If you are not able to find an ideal furnished office space for rent after searching, you can wait for the break lease tenant to list the office for lease. Because break lease offices are not always available. Your chances of finding an office that meets your specifications might be slim.
Finding the right office space is only a small part of your business journey.

Be Flexible With Your Requirements

Make sure your expectations for furnished office space are in line with the market’s availability. If two or three offices meet most of the requirements on your checklist, we recommend that you choose them. It is highly unlikely that you will find a perfect office space.


You may have noticed that finding a furnished office space to rent is not an easy task. You can enhance your chances of finding a suitable office space by engaging the services of our office furnishings.