A Survey About Coworking Office Space And The User Reaction

The recent COVID-19 outbreak is affecting everyone’s lives, including the coworking industry. To help the entire coworking community, we created and distributed a survey to discover and collect the best coworking office  practices on the measures that were taken to weather the storm.

Coworking office spaces can explain why 60% of staff members are more relaxed and 68% can concentrate better at work since they began coworking.

Between March 13th and March 16th, nearly 50 coworking space operators responded to a survey initiated by Here are the responses we received from around the world (Singapore, US, Australia, China, India, Bangladesh). We are all in this together; we feel your pain, and we hope this can be of assistance and provide some light at the end of the tunnel.

1. What coworking spaces have to say about the coronavirus’s impact?


2. The coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on the coworking industry.

The coronavirus pandemic had already had a significant impact on the coworking sector by March 19th. 47% of coworking office spaces in Europe responded that they are significantly or even affected significantly; 24% are somewhat affected, 18% are slightly affected, and others are unaffected. Only 7% of respondents say Covid-19 has had no effect on their daily operations.


3. Initially, event cancellations impacted the business, followed by a decrease in user attendance.
34% of respondents say the biggest impact they’ve seen in their coworking office space is that representatives are staying at home rather than going to work as usual. 20% say that postponed events have had the greatest impact on their business. 9% of participants mention their members’ changes in attitude and behavior, as well as how the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted their members’ routines and rituals. So far, conference room & membership cancellations have been less of an issue.


4. Increase in the number of online services and private offices

Deskmag polled coworking companies to see what services they have added since covid-19.


5. Reduced Community Programs and Hot Desks

In contrast, many coworking office spaces have reduced services such as group gatherings or seating too close to each other in the facility.


6. In 2020, Asia Pacific had the largest number of coworking spaces

Coworking office space is increasing day by day in the Asia pacific area. After the covid-19 coworking office in Bangladesh is now a very wanted office space.


7. Number of Coworking office space before and after Covid-19 world wide.

8. Coworking office space improves the network system.

Space in Uttara

9. There are many people who are happy to work in a coworking office space in covid-19 pandemic.


10. Employees are more likely to stay at their coworking office space for more than one year.

Some companies use coworking office spaces as a temporary, flexible office before relocating to a permanent office space. However, most businesses stay in a coworking space for at least a year.

  1. Employees who work in coworking spaces do not only work in shared office spaces.
    Employees use coworking office spaces to complete a few of their work, but not all of it.
    Only 22% of those who work in a co – working space use it as their sole workspace.
    Approximately 65% of coworking staff also work in a traditional office environment, while 54% work remotely.
  1. Coworking office space in Bangladesh after the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Despite the pandemic, coworking office spaces are on the rise in Bangladesh, thanks to the rise of flexible workspaces.
    86% of Bangladeshi businesses stated that flexible and coworking office spaces are part of their long-term real estate strategy
  1. The coworking community is also available to offer support, solidarity, and advice.
    We’ve compiled the key messages that various coworking office spaces are communicating to their communities. The following list summarizes all messages received from participants:


  1. In order to stay on top of things, we keep ourselves informed.
  2. We are going above and beyond to keep everything clean and disinfected.
  3. Because we must all be proactive in this crisis, we require your personal responsibility, solidarity, and action:
  4. Wash your hands frequently, maintain high personal hygiene standards, cough into tissues or your elbow
  5. Avoid crowded places, social contact, and meetings, and maintain a social distance to lessen the impact.
  6. Do not come unless absolutely necessary; safety first; work from home
  7. Declare your symptoms and stay at home if you are ill.
  8. Declare if you have had contact with somebody who is or may be infected, and stay at home.
  9. Don’t panic, but don’t dismiss it either; the coronavirus global epidemic is real, and it affects all of us.
Coworking Spaces Can Help Businesses

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