Why Shared Office Spaces Are Better For Business?

Coworking entails a situation in which several employees from different companies share a coworking space, allowing for cost savings and convenience by utilizing shared infrastructure such as equipment, utilities and receptionist and custodial services. Coworking is about more than just accommodating remote workers. It is significant in commercial real estate because it rewards both businesses and their employees. We provide the most suitable coworking office space in the most demanding area in Dhaka city.

The number of coworking spaces worldwide is expected to reach 40,000 by 2024, while the number of people working from a coworking space is expected to reach 5 million in the same year.

The Types Of Coworking Spaces 

Coworking spaces are available in a variety of styles and sizes.. When researching locations, there are numerous factors to consider. Community, amenities, and workspace environment are all influences that differ from one location to the next. In this section, we will discuss the various types of coworking spaces that are accessible.

  1. Open Workspaces
  2. Private Office Space 
  3. Industry-Specific 
  4. Venture Capitalists
  1. Open Workspaces: Because coworking originated in open workspaces, the term “coworking” is often used interchangeably. These workspaces have hot desks and dedicated desks where employees from various companies share common areas.
  2. Private Workspaces: The polar opposite of open office spaces is the private workspace. These private areas can take the form of a workplace or even custom suites designed specifically for large groups.
  3. Industry Specific: There are coworking spaces designed specially for creative professionals. Graphic designers, artists and videographers can all collaborate under the same roof. These spaces can provide a mix of private and open workspaces.
  4. Ventures: Venture capital offices are among the most selective coworking spaces. Traditionally, venture firms offer reduced rent or investment in exchange for equity in the businesses they accept into their projects.

Key Points

  1. Coworking transforms the most important and costly business cost—the workplace—into a service. 
  2. The space-as-a-service model frees up capital and increases workforce flexibility.
  3. The fact that you do not have to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space is a significant differentiator.

The Pros And Cons Of Coworking Space

The reason for coworking’s growing popularity is its balance of advantages and drawbacks. The pros and cons of coworking spaces are straightforward and proportionate, but the value of the advantages far outweighs any drawbacks. Take a look at this:


Coworking is advantageous to both businesses and employees. It’s all about cost reductions for businesses. On the company side, having the ability to work in the way that is best for each individual is important. As the traditional employment fades, resulting in much more remote workers, benefits will grow:

  1. Enables employees to work remote locations in a professional environment.
  2. A smaller lease may be more cost-effective for business owners than a larger lease.
  3. Expands mobile workers’ networking opportunities
  4. No maintenance is required for facility upkeep.
  5. Professionals benefit from the flexibility provided by pay-as-you-go and membership models.
  6. A variety of space types, ranging from individual workspaces to group areas
  7. Almost all work hours are accommodated.


The majority of coworking spaces’ disadvantages revolve all around openness of the space. Diversified folks working in a diverse environment means distractions. Furthermore, there is a general lack of ranking and order, which both businesses and employees must adjust to. The great news is that many of the disadvantages of coworking can be overcome with new habits and familiarity.

  1. Traditional employees lack permanence and devoted personal space.
  2. A lack of privacy, as well as an excess of noise & distractions, can be difficult to deal with. 
  3. The possibility of personality clashes between random individuals.
  4. Expensive for businesses with rapidly expanding space requirements.
  5. Problems caused by decentralized workers and a lack of direct supervision 
  6. Desk availability is not always guaranteed.

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly important as the demand for flexible workplaces grows, commercial property costs rise and staff members enter the remote workforce. We also provide virtual office spaces that will be helpful for your business.

Why Are Coworking Offices So Popular?

Coworking spaces are famous among entrepreneurs and freelancers. When coworking spaces first became popular, most people imagined some office tower where everybody rode unicycles and sat in giant bean bag seats. Coworking is used by more than just money-conscious startups.

Coworking For Small Businesses/ SMEs:

For smaller businesses, coworking spaces reduce operating costs, there are no long agreements to follow, and everything needed to run a business is usually available, from conference rooms to cooking areas where you can cook up a snack and coffee is usually complimentary.

Our coworking spaces are located in prominent central business areas with easy access to public transportation, cafes, shopping and gyms, making renting separately an “impossible” fantasy.

Coworking For freelancers: Coworking office spaces mean “independence” in terms of where & when they perform, as well as all of the benefits of a harmonious working environment and being part of a group of like-minded people.


Coworking is an excellent alternative for individuals who would otherwise have to work alone at residence or in a noisy coffee shop, isolating themselves.


Coworking For Corporations: Large, forward-thinking corporations are flocking to coworking spaces due to the advantages to their employees, which include increased happiness and efficiency, as well as possibilities to network with people from other industries.

On a regular basis, coworking spaces provide dynamic opportunities to network for all colleagues, resulting in a group of consumers, collaborators, mentors and a plethora of widely accessible talent. To promote a healthy lifestyle, many organizations host health and wellness events such as yoga classes as well as meditation sessions.


Coworking has transformed the workplace. Because of the increase in the number of coworking spaces all over the world, the flexible office space industry is having a significant impact on the development and creation of new workspaces.Coworking spaces are an attractive option for companies of all sizes, not even just startups and small businesses. We must also recognize the value of open coworking spaces in keeping employees engaged and interacting with smaller more entrepreneurial businesses. If  you need our office space services then contact us today.