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A commercially rented office is shared by two or more companies, a practise known as “shared office space.” Although the phrase can be used to describe a managed coworking space or a serviced office.

Note To remember: It is more frequently used when the tenant of an office that is privately leased rents out any extra space to another company. This indicates that by splitting the cost of the rent, bills, and overheads, both parties profit. 

Consider HosBD for office space if you want to utilise a great workplace without having to sign a long-term lease or worry about it.

This case study is about a small business that wanted to share an office but needed assistance.

The Story’s Feature

“BookWorm” is a tiny shared office space in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Attractive office and coworking space are offered in a creative, dynamic, and trendy atmosphere. 

Breakthrough signed a contract in November 2020, remodelled the building with a new fit out, and formally launched its services on March 16, 2021.

With the shared office space nearly full to capacity just three months later. Kamal Hasan, the office manager, was key to the success of “BookWorm,” .


The purpose of “BookWorm” would have been to provide a workplace that people looked forward to visiting. To fit the Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh location, the team envisioned a design location with an artistic vision. 

They used to have a very specific goal that went across design: to create a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive environment where clients came first. Due to this, they successfully transferred a shared office space to us in the latter months of 2020.

Challenges Are:

“BookWorm” didn’t appear to have any online presence; its website hadn’t yet gone up, and it lacked any digital marketing plans. Because it was on a separate terrace in an office tower, nobody could find it online, and it was challenging to convince people to enter from the street. 

Although it had estimated the cost of the coworking spaces, the team was unable to show consumers exactly what they are receiving for their money because of the delay in establishing and furnishing. They had no renters, so they couldn’t rely on statements to generate interest.

Our Solutions:

In November 2020, “BookWorm” formally joined the HostBD family after contacting us for assistance on Kamal Hasan’s behalf. 

In order to help new workspace providers launch their first coworking space, the “BookWorm” team had access to a variety of knowledge, suggestions, and resources.

Then, they and our company developed a comprehensive marketing, price, revenue, and negotiating plan in order to attract the first customers for “BookWorm.”

How Come This Company Selected Us?

In order to draw in a wider range of businesses, we recommended reducing the prices for various types of shared office space in the beginning.

Compared to a long-term contract, they can receive better affordable options with shared office spaces.

We have been in charge of managing all of the exposure to different types of information, ideas, and ideas.

What Was Our Advantage To Them?

  1. Practical instructions on how to manage their business
  2. Affordable Services
  3. Managing all the key features 
  4. Cost effective exposure to expand their business.
Overall Conclusion

Even while Kamal and the crew are thrilled that their BookWorm shared office is filled, they are most proud of themselves for having kept loyal to their initial goals. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and everyone in the club knows everyone else with whom they socialise. People enjoy working at BookWorm because they are confident in the outstanding services they will receive from HostBd.